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Sunday, October 26, 2008

no news is good news?

not so fast LOL
i am steadfast in my decision to not alow doug to slither his way back into our home & disrupt my mary poppins existance. its all about ME now!husband is a wuss. he is wavering in his TOUGH LOVE persona. must reel him in before he blows it! he worked all weekend. i cleaned and organized and plotted my evil plan to extract toddler son from his corner of my bedroom. it will happen. it must happen.


Jessie said...

Stand strong Ali. You know, Rich's parents kicked him out. I think it was one of the best things for him. Made him take responsibility. He ended up in the navy and is the wonderful man he is today! Praying for you guys! I know tough love is HARD!

Lisa said...

I have a hard time with G understanding too and it's hard for me too if I'm brutally honest. Thoroughly enjoying finding your blog. Keep up the great work. Rock on Mary Poppins!

Lisa said...

Hi Ali!
The reason is just that I don't want people finding my blog just for med searches. Most people googling for info on anti-psychotics wouldn't understand RAD. I leave the RAD part wide open so that parents can find me. (They might leave screaming when they read some of my rants. :-)
You're a fabulous mom!