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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-except not really

Doug has shingles. a raging case of shingles. we thought it was poison ivy, and as usual, it was spreading fast, so i shipped him off to Dr. Feel Good(puurrrrr. meooowwwww) for some prednisone. Dr Feel Good was shocked to see shingles. Doug had chicken pox at 4 1/2 and i guess that virus decided to lie dormant. YAY!!!!!! Doug feels miserable and was starting a new job tomorrow, and has Army drill weekend coming up. He can't catch a break.

Dr. Feel Good wanted me to call jackson's HIV Dr. to chat about risk. When i called, i was told that Jackson's most recent blood results prove a continued downward spiral in his immunities. his t cell count is down to 490 and his viral load has climbed again, it's now up to over 9 thousand. ONE year ago his t cell number was 1400. He is still safe, but something has to change very soon so that things don't become worse. As far as the shingles, they just want us to be careful and keep the 2 boys from touching each other- not an issue! LOL

I really hope jack doesn't catch shingles. I just really do.

hey, we played with the neighbor's back hoe today!

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