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Sunday, July 5, 2009

parade pics, party pics from Kitty's house, misc...

blake, kris, kendyl, elizabeth, annah-mai, jackson, shawn & Natallie

i know, shes adorable huh?

i just like this picture for some reason

july 1st, i loved her look. sandals from my mom.

have i mentioned i LOVE clowns? he even posed for me, i wanted to go home with him, i swear.

how far away from our family jackson stood. total self sabotage.. choices.

i LOVE old trucks

he chose to stand 30 feet away from us, all alone, even though a very good friend of his was right in front of us catching candy along the roadside. i tried coaxing him, he refused. stoic. whatever!

totally "in the spotlight" and freaked out!

my favorite clowns, they come every year.

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