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Saturday, July 4, 2009

holidays &"The RAD Crazometer"

My blogger friend, "Trixie", (she won't tell me her real name so i gave her a really dweeby one. hey, i warned her!) says that holidays really raise the Crazometer at her house. i told her i was gonna steal her cool RAD term for my blog. I'm a great friend like that.
Anyway, we've had a great few days, but yesterday Kris emptied that bathroom trash because Uncuh was going to the dump. she placed new bags in the 3 little trash cans we have in there. I just went in there to get ready to go and noticed that the trash cans all have urine in them. no wonder those cans have smelled so bad! i always think it's the bathtime diapers! this time, he peed in them while they were empty, so now i know.
we made progress though....he admitted it was his, yet claimed it was an OOPS. THREE FEET??????
i remained calm, but told him he'll drink it next time i find it. was that wrong?
Yogi thought so. He is having him clean the bathroom each day before he throws his 80 pitches.


MomInTheTrench said...

Ali, you should watch those threats! Let me tell you, once you actually see them drink it, good night kisses are a challenge all in themselves. I wonder what is so fun about peeing in a trash can!?

Love the wagon pics on the next post, btw. ADORABLE kids and outfits.

jdtantoes said... have the patience of a friggin saint!