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Friday, July 24, 2009

i only wish i had taken some photos.....

i haven't had much to blog about lately. nothing really worth typing out. nothing all that bad or negative, just...would make for blah, boring reading. I mean, do you really want to read about our "missing" shovel? the one we desperately needed that day? the one that was "stolen" overnight(yah... ok.. here???)from our front yard? the one that jackson claimed he hadn't taken & then watched all 3 adults search for in the yard and beyond for 3 days with a grin on his face before i decided enough was enough and sent husband to the "bike jumps" out in the woods to look for? wait.. i guess you just did read about it! sucker!
anyway, the outcome was exactly what you think it was, the only surprise was that he didn't bother to lie once he was caught. how's that for a reader's digest version?
and yes, i grounded his butt and i dont care what the books say. the kid has NO CONSCIENCE, cares about NO ONE but himself and i'm not about to send him out to "find me a pretty leaf" as restitution-sorry, i'm a sucky RAD Mom! geeze, he didnt even bother to come home to have birthday cake with his baby brother. too busy i guess, that whole ME ME ME thing. he's behaving, but says he will pee his bed every night until he gets his DS and Ipod back. its been 9 weeks-(hell, its been almost 6 years of urine anyway!). pee all you want, kid. i got nothin' but time. here's a diet coke before bed. mmmmm. yup- i'm a bi-otch today!
moving on....
OMG i had so much fun on my highschool reunion date the other night! mark & kevin, 2 very close friends of mine, had a falling out 7 years ago so i hadn't hung out with both of them together in a long time. they ran into each other at a book store recently and made nice. i was so happy! so... little miss social planner that i am(LIE) i made plans for all 3 of us and wouldn't take no for an answer. thank GOD for GPS. we hung out at kevin's house for a bit, there was lots of pointless banterconversation between them about Battlestar Galactica and 24 series, but once we got through that, it was lots of fun. they still have so much in common, those two. both have really high IQ's, no intention to ever marry(although mark has an almost 18 year old daughter) love MAC computers, received scholarships to amazing art schools, they both paint and draw, do custom framing and take amazing photographs, both are into graphic and computer art. hey!-too bad they aren't gay! It's sad that they haven't been friends in so long. I honestly have very little in common with either of them, but we have been friends since the 5th grade. i forgot my camera, and neither of them "felt like" taking any pictures, so there aren't any. we got hungry, the cookies i brought just didn't do it for us, so we went to the 99 and had a really good time talking & eating, & i even watched the ball game, they rolled their eyes. yes, there was more drivel lots of 24, BG and MAC conversation, but i still enjoyed it. they know i have NO CLUE what the hell they're talking about, and they think its funny. well, Marky thinks it's funny, Kevin just shakes his head and calls me names. At one point, we were all discussing our aches and pains, like we were in a nursing home cafeteria. Mark even has poor circulation LOL it was weird. I decided to take control and be very bossy(i found out recently that i'm a very bossy and controlling person-news to me and all who live with me- but i figured i might as well play the part) and told them that we are getting together bi-monthly for a date. Mark said YAY! Kevin grumbled like Walter in the Gran Torino movie, but he's just endearing like that, really. he loves me. HE DOES!
it was so nice to get out, with other 40 year olds, especially ones who i grew up with and who are grey and look older than me :)
love you guys! MUAH!!!!!
you still awake?

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