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Friday, July 3, 2009

HIV related rhetoric and hypo jargon, whatever that is

Jack went to Boston on June 25th, I just haven't blogged about the visit yet, well.. until now I mean.

So... let's see....he weighs 96 lbs. and is 5'2.5-officially taller than my Mom and my tiny 18 year old niece, Jenny. He's feeling pretty big!

His t cells continue to drop, his viral load continues to increase(both yucky, bad things to happen). The pheno testing had come back though, and it's the Combivir(combo of AZT and.. uh.. i forget. oh! Zidovudine i think) NOT the Viracept that he's building resistance to, so that was a surprise. Now they are doing some geno testing to get more specific results, have a team meeting and come up with a whole new protocol for him, which he will begin in late August. Viracept is coming off the market anyway, so this meds change will be pretty significant. All this will happen right before school starts, so i am mentally preparing myself for quite the perverbial ass whooping smack down on my part, as far as his behavior and mindset are concerned. He also will come down with hives, I know it.


Dr. P has been prescribing Jack's Concerta for a few years, but doesn't feel it's his area of expertise. Since Jack doesn't see a shrink, Dr. P set him up with a neoro guy right there at Boston Medical Center to take over his care in that area. FINE! But no more shrinks. ( a long, opinionated, heated, hate-mail inducing, full-of-malarky post for another day!)

Hmmm... what else?

Oh yah- We re instated my Sam's Club membership yesterday. Uncuh Tim LOVED Sam's Club. It was about all his heart could take. he LOVES shopping and bargain hunting. He was like a 5 year old. The free lemonade samples was the best part, i think. ...And the huge, flat screen TV's. I WANT ONE!. they actually had a very cool home-school book section. odd. It was fun to get out of the house, away from Toy Story, my naughty dog, the phone, the laundry... all of it.


Took a long walk in the rain with Yogi last night. Since we even sleep with a kid, we have no other time alone, to talk without everyone around. It was great to re-connect. we are trying to come up with a plan to get away for a weekend, sans kids, in August. We talked about everything. It was a happy 45 minutes with lots of hills. He's working in Boston this week and next, so he's out the door at 4 or 4:30am, and not home until 5pm or later, traffic is insane. It's been a long week for him. We talked about our lack of alone time, he suggested that we walk together every night. Um.. i invite him every night, but he always stays behind to read! He says he will join me from now on. We've both cut WAY back on our sugar & bread intake and bumped way up on the fruits and veggies for the last 6 weeks or so. i am down 10-12 lbs, Yogi, who was already at a perfect weight but has a belly, has all but lost his belly completely. jerk lol. I trudge on.

Kendyl will be in the parade with her pre-school tomorrow! She is PUMPED.

Headed to Kitty & Stephen's house after the parade for a party. Weather? no idea.

Yogi leaves Boston at noon today, but then will go do his volunteer work for our local town orchestra(they have a big free holiday concert at the park tonight) well into the evening, so he won't be around. Hoping he will be blessed with good weather atleast.

Looking forward to a fun family weekend!

have a great 4th! my favorite holiday, by far!

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