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Sunday, July 5, 2009

weekend over :(

Today was great. Jackson seemed happy, albeit bored as hell, to be home and in his little safety bubble. he was cooperative and decent to his siblings. he threw his 80 pitches with his Dad, slept in late... just hung out mostly. The weather was the best it's been in 4 weeks, with more good to come tomorrow. i got the pool filled up, some yard work done, laundry and floors and the like. Grilled out and we all ate out on the deck. i took a walk with Yogi tonight. i am up late just chillin'. sink is full of dishes. who cares? back to the grind tomorrow, but that's ok. jack starts summer school on tuesday, it's for just a few hours, 3 days a week. keeps him off the streets. we have some dentist appointments this week too. yuck.

ok.. this post was boring but tomorrow i will fill you in about my plans for the way cool t shirt launcher i ordered. don't judge me.

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Brenda said...

I was over at Christines and caught your photo! LOVE the hair. I realize I am behind. I am only taking ONE class next term so will actually have a life.