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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


ugly chimney for an old woodstove, hasnt been used in years, full of animal bones.eewww.
very ugly

what a mess!

jackson helped A LOT with clean-up and was very cool about it. he owes us $160.00 for the jeans he destroyed.

Doug loved using the sledge hammer. called it "therapy" lol

"after" pictures forthcoming, it has done nothing but rain since we did this. ggrr. this summer has really stunk for outdoor home improvements!


jdtantoes said...

Great blog Ali! The hubby and I have been talking about creating a website...but this looks like more fun...You have inspired me! Writing is the BEST therapy...I used to write A LOT! Then life got busy...what a lame excuse!

Justju said...

Can't wait to see after pics. $180 jeans?! Yikes... What kind of jeans were they...sagging kind like Doug's. :-X Does he always wear them like that or he's lost weight and they're falling down? lol.