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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

quick update

doug blew up his truck, so he had to move back in. whatever.

jackson came home from school yesterday with headache and raging fever, 24 hours later he bounced back. tomorrow will be 5 years in the states for him. woohoo! his report card is supposedly excellent, so he earned a cell phone!

i finished writing something to read at Granny's funeral. i may post it, i dont know yet. shes still alive.

no final word on whether our truck repair bill (2000.00) will be covered by the garage. still haggling.

my computer is busted again. i am on Yogi's business one. the faunt is too small! and i cant post any pics from here.

i want a tummy tuck lol

i voted. Yogi did too. my guy better win LOL

exterminator is coming next week to try & end our roach invasion. cat is being spayed too. chi-ching!

it was almost 70* today! i cleaned out my truck, vacuumed it, washed windows.....stayed outside most of the day. got dark early though!

Speed Racer STUNK. Nim'sIsland was ok. bad ending.

not much else going on. hugs to all 9 of you!


Shea said...

I really hope the truck bill will be covered. I'm glad Jackson is shaping up. Tell him I am proud of him! Sorry Doug blew his truck up. I know the joys of living with a teen.

Erin said...

Want to come to boston tomorrow?! LOL! I am going to be hanging out with Kidlet #3 and #4 while #2 is in surgery!

Jessie said...

(((Ali)))Hold on! Better days are coming! I think a trip to the beach is in order!

Lisa said...

Hoping things improve really soon.
I, too, want a tummy tuck and liposuction on everything!

Alyssa's Mom said...

I want a weeks vacation---BY MYSELF!

Hope better days are ahead.

Hugs to you too.