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Thursday, November 13, 2008

strange happenings as of late/some pictures

24 month old boiler-paid 8k- is spewing black ash all over my laundry room. nobody can come over to service it(that better be all it needs too!) until the 17th.
washer broke yesterday, as i attempted to catch up on 22 loads of laundry. a guy was here to fix it in 2 hours, took 20 minutes. $130.00. OUCH!- but in haiti i would have waited 2 months, so whatever! no complaints there!

as sexy beast washer repair man left, i went outside and my dog ran into the street to bark in a cats face. it was not a cat. it was a confused, drunken (rabid?)SKUNK! at 130 pm! the skunk merely took note of kodys presence. the repair guy & i talked Dakotah into walking away from the skunk and the thing never even attempted to spray him. it slowly gimped over to the neighbors house and walked in circles around her barn for a while as i left a message with animal control. they never called me back and never showed up. GO NH!

20 mintes later, i got a phone call saying "Kris has been hurt, you need to get up here right away!" then he hung up. i panicked for a second or 2, then came to my senses. he would have told me more if she was really injured. i called her on her cell phone and shes just fine. some ass head (one of her residents)got ahold of the student resident assistant list and pranked her home. NICE! being an RA is cool beans-NOT.

i broke my 75$ toothbrush. dont judge me. i bet you have an Ipod! LOL i have bad gums i tell ya. i NEED a pricey toothbrush.

i also smashed my winnie the pooh pump soap dispenser to smithereens on the tile floor. it was a great bathroom day.

my friend sue, kendyls best friend Brody's grandmother- we met 3 years ago at a McDonalds playland and have been tight ever since-is in the hospital with congestive heart failure-lots of fluid. shes been a heart patient for years and lost both of her parents BEFORE 40 due to heart attacks. she has suffered 3 herself i think. im so worried about her! trying to find a way to visit later on today.

have gone through 3 tanks of gas in 4 days. geesh! funeral, taking kris back to school.....

roach extermination seems to have been quite the success. he was here tuesday. so far so good. what a production though UGH. i was too tired after the funeral to empty my house onto my lawn. but we did it.

in less than one week:
bug guy-350.00
washer guy-130.00
boiler guy-160.00
electrician who fixed our problem for good on Saturday-550.00
funeral photo developing for my mom-40.00
new disk for camera-45.00
funeral dress for kris-40.00
kristins cell phone bill balance + fees to put her back on our plan-330.00(RA's are required to own cell phones @@ & the kid is BROKE)
that isnt even all of it... life is EXPENSIVE!

good thing roofs are leaking and old all over the area.

good news? we are all healthy & happy. dog didnt get sprayed. shawn is sleeping ok(although up at 5 today UGH)roaches are dying!

got some good pictures, will try to post(aol is being ornery)


Erin said...

Oh my gosh Ali.... when it rains it pours doesnt it??? I think we had a butt ton of crazy expenses when my grandmother died and my mother had to buy us our funeral clothes. Outside of Chris since he wore his sexy dress blues. I probably owe her my first born for that. Doug is SO tall. He looks great in his uniform. he better get his act together permanently. God I can't spell that word. You all look great in the pics... and I cant send pics on AOL either... hence... the reason no pics are coming through. But I know you enjoyed Kiley in that video! I know you needed a giggle! She needs to be a Crawford!

Justju said...

What a load of expenses all at one time. guys looked gorgeous all dressed up. I hope things stop breaking on you!

Justju said...
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Shea said...

Nah, don't have an ipod, but I do have a $75 toothbrush lol. Sorry about all the bills, when it rains it pours. You look like you have lost a lot of weight in your pictures!

Alyssa's Mom said...

You're IT!

I tagged you on my blog!


Brenda said...

Great pics. Beautiful family. I'm sorry about the $$. I hate it when it all happens at once like that.