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Monday, November 17, 2008

RAD kids don't do sleepovers!

On Saturday night Jackson's friend Dominic invited himself over here to spend the night. sure. no problem. his Mother drove him here at about 7:30. Jackson had been honest with Dom, making him aware that we do not have video games, personal television sets, game boys and the like. Dom wanted to come over anyway. We turned on the Celtics game. "I only watch the Knicks. I only watch NY teams. No Celtics, No Patriots, no Red Sox...". Gee, this kid was really trying hard to get on my good side huh???? i asked him "Are you from NY?" he said "no". i just walked away in utter disgust. The boys got on the computer and watched their favorite rap videos on You Tube and practiced a few hip hop dances in the kitchen. Yogi made popcorn for them. I suffered through that without whimper. i crashed at 10, Yogi let them stay up until 11, then ushered them into Kristin's room. At midnight he came upstairs to bed and the REAL fun began..... (Christine, get your mind outta the gutter!).........DOWNSTAIRS. Jackson is such a follower. Dom got the telephone and a phone book and good times ensued. Shawn was awake at 5am so Yogi took pity on my poor chubby soul and brought him downstairs so i could sleep. He planned on making a huge, yummy breakfast as well. Instead, he found the phat beat music shaking the bedroom, Jack, Dom & Kendyl jumping on Kristin's bed and food everywhere. The dog had puked up some goodies as well. uh huh. He calmly sent the boys to bed, sent Ken back to bed which caused a whale sized, 1 hour long, door kicking, "jackson! dominic! SAVE ME!" drama tantrum for the entire neighborhood to hear(remember the preacher next door?? hasn't this poor, innocent man suffered enough Crawford antics on the Sabbath Day by now?????) At that point Kendyl drifted off on her hardwood floor, the boys continued to giggle and horse around and at 8am the phone started ringing. Mommies from across the land were calling to ask why our boys were calling their daughters at midnight, 1, 2 & 3am. mmmhhhhmmmm. for real. i love adolescents!
I came down at 9am(bliss!!!) and he filled me in on the morning's events. Dominic was driven home immediately and Jack raked leaves until dark. Even though he was angry he didn't shut down like he usually does. We talked a lot about choices, friends who influence those choices blah blah blah. He says that Dom wanted to sneak into Doug's room and play video games and "borrow" his Lil' Wayne CD(punishable by slow death, but this kid doesn't have an older brother so he has no understanding) and when Jack wouldn't he called him a pu**y! Then he told him our house was boring, we have nothing to do and he's never coming back. HE'S CORRECT IN HIS THINKING! he was livid that they had to go to sleep at 11 but the fact is, they could have stayed up all night listening to music, dancing(they both dance)drawing, playing Kristin's piano.... no one would have cared but once you start pulling the crap they pulled-I pull the plug. Well.. if I'm awake I do LOL. At school today, when Jackson told Dom he has to rake leaves all week Dom told Jackson we are prejudice racists and are using him as a slave lololololol. Dom is always playing the race card. Dom is apparently grounded for 5 weeks, but Jack doesn't know what the terms are. They are in a condo, so no leaves to rake.
In jack's defense, I think he was afraid to wet the bed and stayed up all night to avoid it and I'm glad he at least refused to go into Doug's space.
Sleepovers have not gone well for Jackson so far. We may wait quite a while to try again! He just gets so much anxiety and messes it all up.
His report card was very good, as promised,..although the behavior/responsibility/respect section was crappy at best. all the grades were "partially demonstrates" except for respects authority was "usually demonstrates". He also acts like a complete boob in music class. Like that teacher deserves his lack of effort, refusal to listen, class clown crap and all that. He knows that if I don't see a HUGE improvement (I am calling the teacher)the phone he's getting tonight will be put away.
Off to the cell phone store! LORD HELP US ALL.
UGH-Dom just called me to apologize. his step dad pulled him off the basketball team.... for how long, i don't know. DAMN. poop rolls down hill. Grounding kids from sports only hurts the coaches and teammates. these guys are volunteering their time!.... YUCK.


Mike and Katie said...

My cousin's dad is from Peru. In Peru, it is socially unacceptable for children to sleep at some one else's house. So, my cousins never did friend sleep overs and rarely slept at our house. I could have seriously benefitted from that rule.

I have, however, hijacked that cultural norm for our house. The only stray riff-raff have been relatives and I made them go to bed at 7 pm in their own room.

That's so funny about Kendal's dramatic hollers from the bedroom!


Christine said...

Friday night our oldest is invited to an all-night birthday party. Our answer was a very loving and congenial, "What? Are you freaking KIDDING ME?"

Of course, we discussed how not sleeping all night would affect him (thereby affecting all of us). Not to mention, we know the crew that will be together all night. I would like my child to heal ... not go so far back in time that his head turns inside out.

Not to mention that some of his "stuff" would only find complete and utter ridicule ... too much time to let his guard down.

So, we've said about 4 million times, "We are doing this because we love you, and to protect you, and to keep you healthy so you won't implode for three days after end up being grounded for the rest of your life." He'll get to go until midnight.

We gave him permission to call us losers and roll his eyes when he tells everyone - we don't mind being the bad guys.

Brenda said...

Say maybe I should call Dom and invite him on over. He sounds like a riot. NOT!

Shea said...

Sleep overs are tough at our house too! By the way, how did you get your play list on the right side of your blog? Mine ends up on the bottom