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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


about Thanksgiving this year. there. i said it. and im not taking it back. its just gonna be immediate family and as non-boring as my family is-i am bummed out. am i just a spoiled pansy? a party pooper? i KNOW i should turn my frown upside down and make the best of it, even try to make it the Best Crawford Thanksgiving Day Ever, but right now i just dont care. My Rachael Ray stuffing just doesnt seem worth slaving over at all. The leaf and acorn chocolates i planned to share at Mom's house dont seem worth taking the time to make now. We bought the HUGEST(is that a word?) turkey. it will take weeks to eat. kris & doug are not big eaters and the babies eat practically nothing, so its really just jacky, yogi & myself. ok so i better count up my blessings and suck it up, right?
1. kris will be home
2. we are able to purchase all the fixins, dont need a food pantry
3. we are all healthy, aside from my sore shoulder and a few sniffles.
4. we have electricity, heat and hot water
5. no roaches!
6. no in laws(im kidding! i kid! i tease!)
7. no travel required. is that a blessing or not? ho hum.
8. my husband is a great cook and a huge help-it wont be all me all day long
9. all 7 of us can be here. did i already say that?
10. 2 words-PUMPKIN PIE.
11. 3 more words. PUMPKIN CHEESE CAKE(yogi's specialty)
12. scrabble. gonna play. gonna win.
13. excuse to stay in pajamas all day if i want!
thats all ive got. not bad.

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Brenda said...

I lost all sympathy after number 8 :p