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Saturday, November 22, 2008

not much....

everything is pretty cool right now, not much to report. it was a pretty uneventful week, really. we are getting VERY cold weather though, nothing i want to go out & play in! feels more like january than november. shawn, kendyl and Daddy have colds, Daddy is the sickest and the stuffiest right now. shawn had a rough start to the week, but seemd much beter today. my nose is a bit stuffed up, but nothing bad.. atleast not yet. my husband isnt one of those wimpy, whiney husbands, he didnt have any work scheduled today, but we still did all the usual saturday stuff and he was his usual chipper self. im so lucky huh? hes also been getting up with shawn at 5am every morning and letting me sleep in. yogi rocks!

i had a painting job this week, so i was out at the property every night, so i didnt blog much. i love it when i get to go paint. i bring MY music that nobody else likes and enjoy the time to myself A LOT. even though the family wanted everything "neutral" it came out beautiful. atleast they let me pick the colors. all finished now.

i went to find a winter coat for shawn today at Mother & Child, the local resale boutique. i dont know what shes smokin' lately but 16$ for a USED baby jacket? i was so pissed. i still bought 2 jackets(gotta have a backup) and left, but GEEZE. if it doesnt say hannah andersen in it why should it cost that much USED? thank goodness he already has snowpants from a bag of hand me downs.

brody's grammy is out of the hospital and doing much better, she even came to visit for a bit yesterday! Brody, who is autistic and started school a few months ago is making AMAZING progress and i cannot believe how much he engaged with me yesterday and even kissed me goodbye! he never even looked me in the eye until 8 weeks ago. he picked up the little toy guitar and said "im playing guitar hero" plain as day. i about fell over. hes even potty training! this is HUGE. he will be 4 at the end of january. he's like a different person. WOW. im still in awe. he also looked HUGE next to kendyl, he is gonna be a big boy some day.

Thanksgiving will be quiet again this year, itll just be the 7 of us, here at home. mom isnt into doing thanksgiving anymore. we may go over for a dessert buffet afterwards, i suggested it so we can all get together atleast, but im not sure if she even wants to do that. the last few years she hasnt wanted to do anything. she had a heart attack 7 years ago and since then shes been different. my dad thinks its all too much for her, she says. oh well. so now we just do our own thing. i cant wait to make my rachel ray stuffing!

i wish everybody felt better, it would be fun to go do something tomorrow. i may take the 3 youngest bowling-jack & ken are so into bowling right now. let daddy sleep!

wish i had more to say, i feel boring this week. maybe boring isnt so bad LOL

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Mike and Katie said...

I agree with you about the coats at thrift stores. I balked at $12.50 though. There's was no way I was paying that much for somebody's grundgy old jacket.

It would sure be nice if people bought winter clothes for my kids instead of toys for Christmas!