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Monday, November 24, 2008


what a great post from my pal Christine today. go read it! although most of the moms who read my blog have already adopted, a few haven't so i thought i'd link you all to her blog(to the best of my not-computer-savvy ability)
i dont usually chat about The Big Guy in my blog, my relationship with him is private to me, but Christine is way more.. um.. new age??? (WAY). so go check out ok? please?
(the hyper link button never lets me copy & paste. drives me insane!)

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Mike and Katie said...

Cool post! Sometimes I think we're a little crazy to be persuing adoption again, so it's nice to be reminded of the uncertainly we all feel as we walk along the way.


We'd be up for connecting with the agency in Alabama once our homestudy is done. Keep us in mind if you hear of anything.