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Friday, January 1, 2010


still no arrest of lauren. Courtney can't do anything or file anything with the courts until Lauren is apprehended. best part? DCYF gave the kids to her Mother, and Lauren is hiding in her Mother's house. DCYF had "no choice" but to allow the Mom to take the kids, atleast until they can deem her "unfit" through an investigation, which is underway. DCYF has been excellent. The intake worker claims that finding the Grandmother "unfit" won't be a problem either. the Nashua NH police dept. says that the Derry NH dept. refuses to get a warrant to search the house. Courtney claims that another officer told her that this whole thing will be ruled a misdemeanor. DOUBTFUL! but what do i know? stealing a car, filling it with alcohol empties, crashing the truck, leaving the scene, abandoning your children and hiding out from the law is a misdemeanor???? nevermind the stollen cash and used stolen credit card. she also has called Courtney and said "why didnt you cover for me? i didnt crash your truck! its fine!" is she crazy? I've told courtney not to talk to me about the situation anymore. I need a break. stuff is showing up in the mail now. the damage caused to the home, parked car, municipal property.... she has all this stuff to fill out. HOW? she wasn't even there! anyway.......

Jay came home from last minute training before *band camp, to celebrate Christmas. He left today for the Real Deal and will be gone for a year. we took some pictures during his visit. I'm down 15 lbs and still have a double chin. whatever! He doesn't seem afraid at all. I am. he better come home to us.

New Year's Eve was.. well.. EH, at best. Atleast it was calm & quiet. the entire day had been CRAZY. Kendyl had a play date here for 8 hours, Courtney was fired up, we had visitors, then Yogi, Tim & (loud) Doug came home from work....but after all that was over, Kris attended a black tie event, she dropped Courtney off at a "friend's" house in the city(terrific. but hey, I am not her Mom), and Jackson was at Christian's house until 830. so it was QUIET after the 3 youngest went to bed... until 11pm when Shawn woke up screaming. We were watching Where The Heart Is. I put him back to bed. 20 minutes later he was screaming again. He NEVER does this! Yogi put him back to bed and promptly fell asleep. The movie ended at 11:45, so then Tim & I watched the ball drop and we both went off to bed. Yay. 3 years in a row I've been pretty much pissed off. fine. It's just another day, what do I care? I don't drink anyway. enough about that lame crap.

the rotton bananas on the counter are calling my name, but if I make banana bread I will have NO will power to not eat it. bananas don't usually go bad here, the boys all eat them, but they kept freezing in their lunch boxes at the jobsite, due to the sub zero temperatures. why am I telling you this? like you care!

can you tell i woke up to MAJOR hormones today???? i am UGLY and I want everyone to go away so I can be alone. there. I said it! Shawn was up all night, for , what seems to be, NO GOOD REASON, and I came out of it with no sleep.

the roof will be done by noon(the snowstorm kicked them off yesterday at noon) and then, hopefully, I will never have to hear about it again, and neither will any of you.

aren't you glad you checked in?




Georgia said...

I usually read your blog from my feeder, but I wanted to leave a comment and lo and behold, my favorite band is playing on your site! I love Dave Matthews!

Anyway, I was having an ugly, I-hate-myself day yesterday, too. Just trying to show some solidarity. I think I just want to wear bags on my head. And my body. And then never leave the house.

Mothering4Money said...

Must be going around the blogosphere cause I'm right there with ya. I think next year I might just go ahead and drink ... so I won't care.

Is it summer time yet?


Jody said...

I was catching up on your make me laugh..I love your humor. I too am on the diet/excercise road..down about 15-16..although I have been scared to weigh in the last week. Take care..keep the humor..

Mike and Katie said...

We make smoothies out of our black bananas. Ice, bananas, frozen OJ, whatever other random fruit is laying around. Mmmm!