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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I miss Kristin. shes been gone.. let's see...3 weeks now. I think I miss her more than usual because of what my head has been going through lately. She knows me better than anyone. She doesn't have phone or internet access, so we aren't in touch as much. I wish I could talk to her for a few minutes. She's having a blast and is BURNED to a crisp, at least on her face, from what I can see. The pictures from this past weekend are gorgeous. She and her friends went to another area of the island and dang, it is beautiful. She has only put them on Facebook so far, but I'm hoping she'll put them on her blog. You won't believe these pictures! They look like advertisement posters hung in a travel agent's office! I'd like to frame a few! I'm hoping to get my new zoom lens before I go visit her in late March for her spring break/Birthday. She'll be 21! I hope to get some great photos too. Her host family wants me to stay with them instead of at a hotel, but.. it may be way too hot for me. After a hot day, I like to escape to an air conditioned bedroom. Even Haiti had that.(well, most nights, anyway.) But, i might as well try it, and move to a hotel if i can't handle the heat. I tend to throw up LOL.

Painting job coming up on Friday, i think. Living, dining, kitchen and hallway. I'm ready! I need something to do besides care for the kids, clean, run errands and run on the treadmill. I work from home, but those hours have dwindled lately! I need to get away from CNN & the web. Even at the Y, the news is always on and I need a break from it.

Doug's life has improved since my last post. He isn't being deployed to *band camp until September 11th. He cannot find work. 8 more months is a long time to just BE. He is headed for a downword spiral. cousin Tom is an Army recruiter, stationed in AZ. He had told me a year ago that Doug decided he wanted to be in the active Army, instead of The Guard, to say the word; he'd get him switched over and stationed somewhere in about 2 months. At that time Doug was fine and wasn't interested. That's all changed now and he and my cousin had a conversation. Lots of paperwork, a flight to AZ and some more training, in a new MOS(not his choice), will happen soon and he will be, God willing, stationed somewhere by June. He wants to go infantry now anyway. Mechanics are deployed to *a boring place and infantry guys go to *a happenin' place. This will get him out of the toxic environment he's living in, benefits, full time work, structure.... all of which Doug needs so desperately. He does so well when he's on active duty! We are excited for him. this post was much longer, but BLOGGER had a glitch and i had to re type EVERYTHING, so you are now getting a condensed version. You're welcome!

I'm still running every day, but not losing much weight, if at all. Like Corey(from Watching The Waters blog) said, Running doesn't really charge weight loss, but it re distributes your weight, which it is. I may just pitch the scale out the nearest window.

i better go, Shawn is being very ugly!



Mothering4Money said...

I thought the point in calling it Band Camp was so you didn't have to keep saying War. LOL

Mechanic skills can be used on the outside, Infantry not so much. Except maybe as a contract killer. But if he goes into the right unit and does well, then he could go into the FBI when he completes his enlistment.

Pack me in your suitcase in March, okay?

Can u post pics of the before/after painting job? Or would the ppl not approve? Cause I love your mad painting skillz. ;)

Gonna have to add other exercises in and start doing fart licks on the treadmill (run fast, walk, run fast, walk, etc). Gooooo Ali!

Kristin said...

i miss you, too, momma! i'm looking at plan tickets for you right now!