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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Distraction Jackson and the technicolor dreamcoat

no dreamcoat. just kidding. lotsa stuff this week, bad....... AND GOOD!
early in the week he messed up. He asked if he could eat dinner at Christian's house, we were fine with that. i finally called there at 815(school night) to ask why he wasn't home yet. the mom said he had just left. he never arrived so i called again. she looked outside and saw the boys bikes. why would Jackson leave his bike there? she had heard Jackson tell her son "i need to be home in 10 minutes.", so she knew he had intended to head home at 7:50. She yelled to them, I yelled to them. nothing. Courtney drove the neighborhood twice, never saw them. Now I'm in a panic, a total panic. It was very dark, very cold and it was 9pm. i called again. she said the boys had come back to the door and she told Jack to run home as fast as he could. Jack knew he was in trouble and looked terrified. I felt bad that he looked like that. i knew that Christian had pulled something. he told us that when he told the kid he needed to be home in 10 minutes, they stepped outside and Christian told him he had asked me(when he called to ask if jackson could eat dinner there) if jackson could stay until 9 and i had said yes. Jack didnt believe him and wanted to call me. he talked him out of it by telling him "your mom is sick of us calling there." ??????????????. they had gone down the street to talk to a couple of kids in the neighborhood. I told him Christian was NOT his friend. he agreed. so thats it for their friendship-finally. jack has NO idea how to stand up for himself and just say, " Chris, I'M LEAVING!" we role played some scenarios, i hope it helps for next time. i told him we were terrified. i know this is NH, but a guy could pull up to them and drag them both into his van in 2 seconds flat. its just scary.
2 days later, i found his Ipod in his backpack. that ticked me off, he knows he's not allowed to take it to school. I hid it away. I could tell he was looking for it, but didn't want me to know it was missing, so he said nothing. then i wanted to borrow it and use it on the treadmill. I asked Kris to add my music to it. she did. Then she found 3 porno movies on his I Pod. the porn was added in a very complicated way, he couldn't have done it. He was in bed when we found them. In the morning I asked him who did that for him, expecting him to say nothing. he told me who it was right away! I was in shock. at first, he tried to calim he asked the kid for music and got porn instead, much to his surprise. i reminded him that i wasnt born last night and he fessed up. I grew up with this other kid's father, so i called him before 7 am, hoping to catch him before his kid left for school with porn on his I pod. the kid had already left. if they get caught with that crap they will get expelled! he never thanked me for calling and filling him in, he was humiliated i think, but he was nice. i was sort of nice lol. when Jack came home, he told me that the guy showed up at the school, took the I Pod and told the kid he'd "never see it again". oops LOL
yesterday, Jacksons teacher called to tell me of the amazing turnaround theyve witnessd in the recent weeks. behavior, attitude, effort.... all of it. she seems to think we are doing something at home, i'm not sure. He said that school is more fun when teachers are happy with you. Um..... DUH??????????????? Ive only been preaching that for 6+ years!!!! goofy kid. with all this height, voice changing and hair growth, maybe some brains are growing too! anyway, we surprised him with his favorite-chinese food- last night, and he was really excited about that. I really hope this continues, but I know more setbacks with rear their ugly head....we'll keep trying. he's also(suddenly) hanging out with a neighbor kid named james. we like him. jack said,
" James is cool. he doesnt like to get in trouble. he just hangs out and he's nice to girls."
CAN WE KEEP HIM???? wait..... we have one too many as it is. so yesterday was a great day. hes been very open lately too. he looked amazing in his basketball game today, the kid is incredible!
Kris left for Costa rica on thursday. her blog, "dude! we're in Costa Rica!" is on my blog list to your right, if you want to keep up with her daily life there. so far, they've been in a bus accident on a cliff LOL kate(travel buddy, best friend) seems to have internet at her house, seems like kris may not have it(yet). i am so excited for her and i miss her already!
i better go. babies need to crash out.
oh! i'm down 18 lbs now! its coming off really slowly now, but thats ok. im sneaking in a workout in an hour. I'm proud of how well i have stuck to my plan. 18 lbs in 5.3 weeks. GO ME! its such a habit already, i felt so sluggish today, too busy to run today, until now.
stay warm!


Jeri said...

What, you confronted him about the porn and he actually admitted it? AND he's doing better in school? AND is hanging out with a kid who makes decent choices? Celebrate good times, c'mon, let's celebrate now!

adoptyaroslav said...

Warm fuzzies all over from all the good stuff that keeps happening! Awesome Jackson and awesome weight loss. I'm only 9lbs behind you - down 9.5lbs in about 2 weeks doing Quick Weight Loss program.


Christine said...

Yay Ali awesome on the diet and workouts! Week 2 for me. Why can't cheese be fat free?????

Kristin said...

i'm so shocked that jackson fessed up! wow. i'm happy he's being good. i love the photo behind your title HAHAHA...and whyyy oh why did you choose the photo where i look 80% asian to put under "our fab five"?!?! hahaha