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Saturday, January 23, 2010

recent happenings/developments

* Courtney, after spending a $215.00 (final)paycheck in under 48 hours, yet neglecting to hand Yogi a single cent of what she owed him for constantly putting money in her account-to prevent overdraft charges-then flipping out when i had the nerve to bring it up, moved back to Maine 2 weeks ago. The first week she was gone was the quietest week I've experienced in years. Kris had left for Costa Rica, Doug is on his own, Courtney was gone...BLISS. the second week was filled with Doug Drama, then the earthquake hit, not so much. Glad I enjoyed the first week.
* I am now running over 20 miles a week, as of yesterday's totals. Not losing much weight anymore, but that's expected-although not welcomed. I feel great! no nagging pains, no injuries... I love Celebrex! Wish I was taking it in 02/03, the last time i ran every day. i was way lighter than I am now, but always had nagging, serious pain. weird. I LOVE my YMCA membership. The treadmills give you more info and have way more shock absorption. I want to try the kick boxing classes, but i'm too chicken right now.
* Neuro mailed us a letter, telling us when Jackson's sleep study was scheduled. Wasn't that kind of them? First of all, NO THANKS. Secondly, On April 15th we won't have health insurance anymore so... forget it. As of March 1st- no insurance. We are looking into obtaining private for the rest of us, but those companies won't touch Jackson with a 10 foot stick so... no sleep study. No reason for it anyway! I called and left a message on the secretary's voice mail that we "are not interested at this time". She didn't call back LOL.
* Speaking of Jackson, he is doing very well, still. At school, here, everywhere. Right now he's really trying to irritate me by taking out the nerf shooter that the baby has fits over & won't share and can't operate without needing help and getting frustrated..., but I'm ignoring that. I haven't blogged in forever! Now Shawn is freaking out. NICE. He took the gun out JUST to piss me off, too happy of a morning i guess. Needed some chaos. That's fine.
* In the last week Doug has:
1.Hit a snowbank while driving his sports car around during a snow storm to search for his room mate, who had had a fight with his girlfriend, eaten a bottle of Ritalin, jumped out a window and taken off into the woods. broke a tail light. knocked the spoiler off.
2.slid through a stop sign and hit a highschool classmate's car, while driving around in a snowstorm, after leaving here in a fit of rage because he was mad at one of his room mates, was screaming and swearing in our home, could/would not calm down when asked, took his fit to the driveway, was asked to calm himself again, could/would not, so was asked to leave our property. He blames the class mate. he blames the room mate. yup. broke a headlight-i think.
3. was pulled over and handed a 200$ speeding ticket for driving 60mph in a 30mph zone, while on his way here to meet his friends. Including the room mate. UGH.
4. was pulled over and handed a ticket for not having his car inspected. He cannot afford to get it inspected, and it will not pass, due to a broken tail light & head light, due to hitting the snow bank, and then hitting Mary Windgate's Volvo.(see above if you're confused LOL)
TIME FOR AN INTERVENTION! but hey, at least he didn't chug a bottle of Ritalin, jump out a window, break a mirror on the wall over some chick's head and be arrested for criminal mischief, have an arraignment, be banned from his own apartment until April, pay a $2500.00 retainer fee to an attorney or have a restraining order filed on him...right? Oh- and he hasn't impregnated anybody either! he leaves ALLLLL that stuff to his room mates LOL. We spoke at length yesterday, my cousin is an Army recruiter for the full time active Army(Doug is National Guard) and he thinks he can have Doug moved and deployed in 2 months time. Since he cannot find a job, he might as well go full time and get his life going. I hope this works! Being here, hanging out, driving around and not working is just going to get him into trouble.
* Many well meaning people are sending me e mail like this: "hey, can you tell me how to adopt a Haitian? we don't have any money, but we'll take one." I know they all mean well and their hearts are in the right place, but, like another blogger so eloquently said, "this is NOT a Pet Smart parking lot Adopt-A-Thon!" If you have sent me legit e mail, or if you e mailed me about the whole TEMPORARY hosting thing, I'm not talking about you and will keep you posted, but I have also gotten some CRAZY notes. People think I can help them, "hook them up" with a kid, just because we have adopted from there in the past. NO CAN DO. International adoption was tough BEFORE the earthquake. It took me SEVEN MONTHS to compile our dossier and mail it to Haiti. Adoptions in Haiti have gone from taking 6-9 months to 2-3 years. steps have been indiscriminately(in my opinion) added by the Haitian Govt. When adoptions begin again, and it will likely be a while, we are HOPEFUL that the entire process will be examined, streamlined, pointless steps will be removed from the process, more people will be put on the job of getting the adoptions completed, and the entire process will be expedited.. but TIH(This Is Haiti), and This will all take time, effort and know how. Until then, i DO still hold out hope that they let some kids come here to be taken care of, but you cannot just pack planes full of kids and drop them off somewhere. This invites corruption, trafficking... BAD THINGS. It all has to be done right. We will all have to be patient. We are hoping to take in an HIV infected toddler boy who is living at GLA(Dixie's program) to get him on treatment & get him healthy, whether it will be temporary or permanent, but we have no idea whether she will choose us anyway. It's all just conjecture at this point. We are open to it, but who knows?
* Kris is having a blast in CR. her blog is on my list to your right if you want to check in on her("Dude! we're in Costa Rica!")
* Kendyl earned a glowing report card and had a fun Birthday party at the glow bowling place. Can you believe she's FIVE???? me neither!
* I still have a cold and I am so tired of it! i think my current nasal spray addiction makes it worse lol
* I better go, the Craze-O-Meter is climbing and I have to pee!
hugs to you all. PLEASE send 10$ to haiti charity of your choice!

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Jeri said...

About've done what you can do,period. You've also provided her with an example of strong parenting, doing the right thing and this experience will resonate with her as time goes by.

About Doug...time to get new roommates. Maybe time for anger management too, and would the national guard provide that? Or, if they found out, would he then be prevented from staying in? Don't know...

About Jackson....Yeah,yeah,yeah! That's Yay....not like what the Beatles sang.

About Shawn....boy, I could just eat you up with that big grin always on your face.

About Kendyl....ditto to the above, and I'd scarf up the dimples too.

It's time for some peace up in the cold Northeast. Hang in there and know, you are doing exactly, what they all need you to do. Stay consistent and stay strong.