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Monday, January 11, 2010

Neurologist shmologist..... or something.

I've been meaning to blog about that Neuro appoinment that i mentioned, but I've been too busy.. um.. LOSING 20 LBS IN 6 WEEKS, BABY!!!!! ok.. now that I got that out, the neuro visit was interesting.
ok.. so back in late 03/early 04, every time we took jack to his PID, the guy was always asking us questions like,
"is he always this busy?"
"is he always this active?"
"does he EVER stop?"
we were actually pretty ok with his activity level. Dr. P talked us into medicating him in the first place, but this year, he suddenly became *uncomfortable* with prescribing it. he wanted us to have a *quick visit* with neuro, just to make sure he was on the right medication, right dosage. a *one time visit*. i knew damn well that's not how it would end up, but... we set it up anyway.
firstof all, the apt. was set up for 10am, he didnt even get in a room until 10:40. then, the doctor had no idea who they were, why they were there or even who had referred them. he had no chart, the computer wasnt booted up, even though they open at 8:30am, that took a solid HOUR... the list just goes on and on. complete(what rhymes with) Bluster Cluck. yet, i digress. we might as well live in haiti at this point. so..the guy agrees with the diagnosis, meds and dosage. great.
BUT... he wants to:
examine his brain
do a sleep study
see him monthly
get him set up with a shrink
put him in a study
I knew it. he says he wants to help him *be a better kid*. great! supercalifragilistic! BUT YOU ARE AN HOUR & A HALF DRIVE! and we already come here all the time.
he also prescribed him a drug for his bed wetting, a drug Dr P. says messes with his HIV meds. maybe the protcol change we made this fall makes this drug ok.. i have no idea. he started it 3 days ago and hasnt wet the bed once, and also isnt getting up 6 times a night to pee, which reduces his stalking options. he also has a better attitude since his sleep hours increased.. um.......where has this magic shit been for the last 6 years of our lives? as far as the rest of the stuff he wants to do, the doctor didnt bother to set up another appointment when Yogi left, so no idea when we will see him again. don't misunderstand, i thought we should be seeing a neuro 6 years ago, its not that im not grateful for the fantastic care, i promise. its just.. sometimes i feel like "too little, too late, folks!" but.. i will try to keep an open mind and wont be a bitch. thats all i can promise. a no bitch guarantee. take it or leave it LOL
hes having an absolutely wonderful week. i adore him right now. did i just say that out loud????


SanitySrchr said...

It does sound like a big ole Charlie Foxtrot!

"put him in a study" Does this Neuro think that your son is a science experiment? Does this now qualify him as nothing more than a lab rat to him?

Oh how we need magic pill...not because of bed wetting, but binge eating (and eating, and eating, and eating) at night. Nothing is sacred!

Jules said...

Your new masthead is hilarious!!!