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Saturday, January 16, 2010

the earthquake

i want to blog about it. i want to get my feelings out, i really do. i just dont know what to write, what to say. it is hard, very hard. the time just goes by and i have no idea wht the hell im doing. i just float through the day, gather news, absorb what i can, dream like crazy all night. its still not even real to me, hasnt sunk in. we will open our home to 2/3 more, if the rumors we hear are true- thousands of refugee children being flown to the states(and elsewhere) to be taken in by host families. simple backround checks with fingerprints may be all thats needed to apply. i will keep you posted, incase you are interested-IF it all comes to fruition. it is so much worse than you are seeing on the news. SO MUCH WORSE. please GIVE, give until it hurts. orphanages with No food, No water, No baby formula. it will get even worse before it gets better. my son's homeland, a place we all love, in ruins. people we miss and care so much about, MISSING, feared dead, confirmed dead, possibly hungry, thirsty and afraid....i get on the treadmill and just run and run and run to help with my feelings, the weight is falling off quickly now(25lbs). kendyl had her Birthday party today, she will turn 5 tomorrow, i went through the motions. i love my kids. haitians love their kids. the whole thing is so unbelievable. GIVE. please. ali

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Christine said...

Hey Ali let me know if you hear any info for being a host family, we might be interested in it