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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Think i don't see you? I know you're looking over here, eyes passing up & down the row, sizing the 8 of us up, trying to figure out who will tire out first and exit so that you can jump on next. You, with your firm legs and perky little breasts. You, with your single chin and tight, dimple-less booty. Yah, I see you, snickering with your friend, scheming on how you can score side by side treadmills so you can chat & trade I Tunes while you run. I know you've got your sights set on me & the old, wrinkly, knobby kneed man next to me. Little do you know, he's here every night. He runs 8 miles. Move on, little girls, move on. What's that? We've lasted too long, the old guy and me? Are we holding you up? Ah, I'm happy to see you've decided to abandon your staring contest and settle for treadmills 3 apart from each other. That's excellent, Dear. Good for you. Good choice. Oh... two are finished already? Tired out? I see......See you another day, Perkies. Better luck next time.


Jeri said...

LMAO, I can just see their taut little chins angling up in the air along with the narrowing of their overmade eyes. harhar Good for you and knobby kneed man. Reminds me of the part in Fried Green Tomatos where she announces loudly after ramming into their car,"I may be older but I have better insurance!" or something like that.

Mothering4Money said...

Hate exercising in public. Hate it.

SanitySrchr said...

Hense the reason I do not exercise!!! I'll be my fat little obnoxious self.

Jeri - TWANDA!!!

adoptyaroslav said...

The Wussies! ROTFLMAO, been there, done that. Don't know how many people have made assumptions that just because I weigh more than 200lbs I'm not healthy and can't do anything athletic. Almost 99% of those people have never done a marathon, let alone a half marathon.

Marathons completed - 1
Half Marathons completed - 3

Good thing I have three dogs, because when I'm up to my 10+ milers, I need to circle back home every 2-3 miles to exchange doggies. Only my boxer mix can last 5 miles.

Glad you have knobby knees to work out with. Working out alone is very boring sometimes.


Mike and Katie said...

You're so funny!

Kristin said...

hahaha! mom, you're my hero. hahahahaha, i read this out loud to a bunch of other students and they loved it!

Justju said...

lmao!! Great one, Ali...can you tell I'm catching up on your life by reading your blog?? I'm loving it!!! I love you, Yogi & all your housemates....every one of them. :)