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Sunday, May 24, 2009


my new kitchen floor is absolutely FABULOUS! we put it in early because Yogi didn't have to roof houses this weekend. i will take some pics and post them soon. its BEAUTIFUL. it took from 8-6 to install, all 3 of us were so TIRED afterwards. jackson had a baseball game in the early morning too, so it was lots of rushing around. the kids were very good for me at the ball game, we were at the field with the park nextdoor. shawn was not very cooperative the rest of the day though, it wasnt easy for me to help with the floor, i mostly handled clean up and moving furniture and appliances, organizing.. that kind of stuff. shawn was so cranky all day and still has a nasty cold.

jack's team is 8 & 1 this year! he has never been on such a great team before, its so fun to win!

the new floor is slippery, kids keep falling. oops! i will get a few throw rugs/runners today at Target i guess.

Kyra, my foster dog, is wonderful in so many ways but is driving me nuts. shes 12 and is losing control of her bladder in the evenings. she is spotting urine all over the carpets and my new floor. UGH. she also is very senile and is so confused at night time.... ive never had an elderly dog before, she seems so healthy and is so happy and active. do i let this continue? do i have her put down? anybody?

shawn is such a cranky butt!
will post pics when i can. have a great sunday!

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Erin said...

Awww... Kyra has Sundowners Syndrome... cant wait for the pics!