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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I bought a MONKEY!

no, i most certainly did not purchase a primate, i just said that to get you to read this blog post. you fell for it? SUCKERS! Am i really that strange, in your opinion? geesh.

anyway, Mother's Day was very cool. I slept in until NINE O'CLOCK! Kristin made me a beautiful, warm blanket(i need to get a picture of it!)Uncle Tim bought me a bouquet of sunflowers from the 3 youngest kids, Yogi bought me some yellow roses, Doug bought me some yellow & green flowers(no idea what they are LOL... daisies i think) and Yogi baked me a rasberry cheesecake and baked french toast! i am sooo spoiled! ben mowed the front lawn!

it was a very relaxing day. the men did the laundry and dishes and the kids helped out. jackson didn't take part, but that's his usual self. his bahavior was good and that's all i need about right now. he had baseball practice from noon-2, which gave him a break from the suck-up-to-Mom thing. I'm still trying to bounce back from the strep throat/cold/weird fatigue virus i never blogged about(why bore you?), so i rested alot and even took a real nap. the weather was nice too! the day was a real pick-me-up. I hope all 7 of you had a wonderful Mother's Day experience!

what else? oh yah! jack's spring basketball league is soooooo fun! it's a city league at the Boys And Girls Club. there were lots of black and hispanic guys, even some asian guys, hecklers, hip hop dancing cheerleaders during half-time, commentators.... very street ball-esque. talk about WILD and different! it reminded me of that Goldie Hawn movie... um... WILDCATS. ever seen that? i love that movie. he knew he better play aggressively or sit on the bench and did he ever. i have never seen him play so hard or sweat so much. or smile so much. or be so happy. it will be tough to keep up with both sports but it'll be worth it. the new teen center they added on is amazing. it has a FOOSEBALL table! i want one of those. anyway, we had so much fun, i can't wait to go back.

Yogi was laid off at his day job on Friday so he's roofing/remodeling full time. he's happy about it. now he can work one job instead of 2 and be home at night. no idea when he will go back to Boston but they guessed late august. we are insured until late March, so for now, this works. he's so cute and so sweet and i love having him home. i'm so lucky.

On friday Yogi is taking the BIG PLUNGE and having a vasectomy. we are 40 & 46 in June, so even though it took us 10 years to have Kendyl and haven't been pregnant since kendyl, we've decided not to take the chance. we always said that once i turned 40 we would lock up the shop. so we are going to stick to that decision. we are maxed out on space, time, money and attention. I'd still love one more, but this is for the best. we are OLD LOL. so.. it'll be a restful weekend for him. as restful as possible anyway . not sure how to make Shawn realize that Daddy is out of commission this weekend. maybe the ice pack will clue him in LOL. we'll wing it.

my vacuum cleaner broke yesterday while i was CLEANING MY BEDROOM(YUP! I DID!. you don't believe me? Libby doesn't believe me but I DID!) so the stupid thing busted when i sucked up a nail. it cant handle a nail??? its a pricey Kenmore. Tim is trying to fix it right now. he thinks hes McGyver. he kind of is. the nail was there from when Yogi installed a new bedroom door. so it's all his fault right? good. glad you agree. Hoping he can fix it. being without a vacumm cleaner is just not good around here! the dogs alone create more work than... forget it.

all shawns jeans are too short. GO SHAWN!

Kendyl is doing great. a friend gave us a Dora doll house and she is just in heaven.

ben and doug are still looking for cars and apartments. ben is still job hunting. Doug is working full time as a diesel mechanic's apprentice at a local shop and is really happy. SUCCESS!
all in all, a great weekend and early part of the week. the rest of the week is full with sports and Yogi's procedure, along with trying to fix one of our 2 not -working- for -some- strange- reason lawn mowers. one of them (the push mower, which is relatively new)worked fine for Ben on Sunday. what the heck? again, we suffer bad luck with pets and appliances. we also may finally make the time to replace the broken microwave. life is too busy!
love to all!


Erin said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well right now Ali!
Sounds like an AWESOME mother's day and the B Ball sounds like a perfect fit for JAckson!
oh boy on the big V!!!! I am spayed... LOL

Justju said...

WOW...I'm exhausted reading everything you've been doing lately. So happy you had a GREAT Mother's Day! What awesomeness the kids treated you well as the men in your life. I'm thrilled for you. Good luck to Yogi on Friday for his big Vday. ouch. Frozen peas work well as an ice pack. They mold around the member and the little guys keeping them all from swelling to much.

Mothering4Money said...

I fell for it! I was all "A Monkey? Really? How DOES she do it all?"

Wish we lived closer ... need a good roofer. Insurance will cover it even.

Go Shawn! He is finally growing some!

Your Mother's Day sounds great.

I try and read every time you update, but don't always comment.

Hope Jackson continues to enjoy this new basketball team.

Take Care

Shea said...

Things are going great for you. I am so happy.

truevyne said...

I'm not sure who Shawn is, but I frown at my kids when they tell me their jeans are too short. Why? Because I probably just bought them for them yesterday.
And don't even get me started about how much food boys consume.

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