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Monday, May 4, 2009

Kendyl's Ice Cream Truck Obsession

For years we had Kendyl convinced it was "The Music Truck". The kind music lady with the horn rimmed glasses and hot pants drove around town, on her own dime, entertaining children with her lovely songs, in exchange only for their gleeful smiles and waves.
last summer, our babysitter blew it. she blew it bad. the kid was on to us after that. It has been all down hill from that day on. From the minute she hears the music panic sets in. tears flow. ugly faced crying begins. food rules are broken. dinner is spoiled.
time for another intervention!


TheHappyNeills said...

We have a MUSIC TRUCK, too! Funny that that was your cover too :) I'd probably let the secret out if we had such a nice ice-cream person...I don't know anything about our's a sketchy looking dude.

Justju said...

Blasted babysitter! The nerve. lolol.