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Friday, May 15, 2009

it's all good! yogi update

Yogi's procedure went quickly and without incident. he's been on the couch icing his.. um... nether regions all day and although bored already, he's in good spirits. Kendyl has enjoyed the day, shes had a coloring partner, someone to play memory with and daddy has read her about 15 books. she's in heaven! Shawn is confused but was such a good boy.
i had a very busy day with Yogi's thing, picking up jackson early to take him to the dentist, banking, running kendyl back and forth to school and waiting on Yogi hand and foot. I'm glad i stayed busy, it kept me from thinking too much. the finality of it all feels kind of... heavy on me today. .. but i will adjust.
kris will e home for the summer in just 7 days. the 2 boys have not found housing. i am getting antsy.
jackson has 2 cavities. great. first ones since he came home 5.5 years ago. hes so lazy.
Dakotah hurt his ankle, i may have to take him to the vet.
my 40th Birthday is coming up in just 3 weeks. all i want is a new kitchen floor. i dont think its gonna happen though. i will settle for a dinner date.
my throat is still sore. day 21. no idea what is going on, i am going back to the doctor on monday at 10. Darvocet isnt even helping!
My dad turns 60 today! i cannot believe my parents are now officially in their 60s! i called to say happy birthday, they were all eating cake, i didn't want to leave Yogi but doug & jack went over.

my flowers are still alive!
busy weekend ahead with sports, baseball pictures and yardwork. yay.
i am so boring! hugs to all.


TheHappyNeills said...

it's my dad's birthday, too! i put up pics of him on our family

such a handsome young guy! :)

Justju said...

So glad Yogi's procedure went well. I hope he's not in to much pain. Happy Birthday to your dad. Your parents are young. My mom is 72 and my dad would be 77. Yikes...