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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RAD festival

here. at my house. It's been going on all week. what? you didn't know to show up for it? you missed the party? you didn't get the free f-ing tee shirt? sucks to be you!
here is a list, in part, of the RADdy things going on this week:

refusal to pack lunch for field trip. only willing to bring bag of chips and gatorade he stole from his uncle, who had offered him one of his flavored waters. gotta take a mile and STEAL the Gatorade. too bad i can tell the difference, even though it was poured into a flavored water bottle. darn. even if i forced a sandwich, he'd just throw it in the trash somewhere(wait........he'd pitch it on the ground) and i am feeding 10 people this week and cannot afford that , so i let go of that control. he chose to go with NOTHING in the end anyway, just to "get a win". hunger sucks.

he also left for field trip dressed as... hmmm. what i like to term Hobo Gangster. i encouraged nice polo shirt, he left in wife beater with white military issue undershirt, down to his knees since it belongs to his 6'4 brother, over that, ghetto jeans, unzipped with baseball uniform belt holding the pants up just below ass cheeks, blue basketball shorts as boxers sticking out over the top. i called and warned the teacher. told her i tried. told her i failed. i told her i was jumping off a bridge at 9am. just kidding.

wet bed every morning for 11 mornings. mess left behind while at school. stench wafting through the house on a daily basis. several(missing)knives under mattress. wish he'd just hurry up and do it already. just kidding. sort of.

watched shawn let foster dog out the front gate. merely took note. foster dog kills other female dogs. i was barefoot and not dressed and asked him to grab the leash and please go fetch her. "she's not my problem". driving him to baseball practice , after that comment, was no longer my problem.

has been told 17 times that he is NOT to boot up my laptop. he doesn't do it correctly. it breaks things. he loses priviledges every time he does it, yet, thismorning, my brand new laptop was booted up, 50 cent you tube music screaming away. he claims it was already on. laptop has SERIOUS virus now. great.

while playing with Kendyl outside, told her he was going into the woods, the animals were going to "eat him" and he was "never coming back". Kendyl came running into the house barely able to speak. he returned 45 minutes later to his (still)hysterical sister, was told of her sadness, showed no remorse and refused her hugs and affection. sometimes, i just hate his guts.

continues to borrow clothing from ben & doug, who are a 32x30 and a 33x37. he tries to leave the house in their jeans, tank tops, boxers.....???????? when you call him on it he comes up with various answers. they were given to him, he found them in his drawer, grammy bought them for him at his favorite thrift store..... he's brilliant, i tell ya! i wouldn't bother to argue, but at the IEP meeting on the 22nd, they mentioned that the huge clothing is a HUGE issue(long story)

no punishment matters to him, sports don't matter to him(I don't wanna play baseball anyway!"). I Pod and DS don't matter anymore, i have no carrot to dangle.

wanted batting gloves. i told him he has lost 7 pair of batting gloves and he needed to buy his own from now on. he has money. my mother surprised him the next day with batting gloves. he barely looked at her. she looked so sad. 3 days later, batting gloves are GONE.

he claims he wants to go live in a group home. sometimes i want to pack his bags.


Lorraine said...

We are having fun too. May is always a bad month, something about knowing school is almost out and that summer is coming with less structure and more time with mom, makes him nuts. Add mothers day and his birthday (no friends will come to his party) and big brother has the same birthday and is having trouble limiting friends because he has many. So far we are mostly dealing with tantrums and of course refusal to eat or drink. Just letting you know, you are not alone.

Justju said...

{{{ali}}} RAD sucks. :( Wish things weren't so hard sometimes.

Torina said...

Yep, I agree with Lorraine. The crazy train hits our house every May. It came roaring in this week. Our kid sits on her hands and refuses to do anything. If I told her breathing was good for her, she would stop that too.

Mothering4Money said...

Sorry that things have been so rough with him lately. RAD is a whole different world that I think most people don't understand. It's interesting to read your story and I love your humor!

Jeri said...

Even for homeschoolers May is the gateway to insanity! (And mine knows he's going to work all summer!) I guess it's spring fever combined with prebrain boiling of summer.