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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

keeping it real

i'm just gonna be truthful with you all. I've been down lately. the new floor is great and i have the best husband in the world.. but the rest of my life could be better. it's just not what i want it to be right now. is it because my 40th birthday is approaching? is it my "work"? the kids?

Doug certainly isnt being the best he can be, i will tell you that! hes negative, grouchy, not helpful, messy...already lost his job at the auto repair shop because he went to the beach with friends, was scheduled to work at 3pm, his boss called telling him he wanted him to come in early(like 11am)doug explained he was an hour away and not in his own car, so the guy fired him after he spent 650.00 on tools. then, before doug could get there to retrieve his toolbox full of tools, the co workers had vandalized the expensive toolbox in an attempt to steal all his tools! luckily, they weren't successful! what kind of boss lets that kind of crap go on in his establishment? the guy thought it was FUNNY. asshole. jerk. anyway, Doug cant catch a break, but he isnt being a nice guy right now either. its girlfriend stuff, work stuff, living arrangement stuff....hes very high strung. hes taking Kayleigh to her prom on Saturday, maybe that will be a positive thing. hoping for good weather! hes wearing his military uniform. shes wearing white i guess.

ben, kristin & doug are all still job hunting. ben moved back in with his parents, i had to send him home. i just dont have room for him here now that kris is home. i am sad and missing him very much. hes friendly, helpful and pleasant. he plays with the little ones. he loves to cook. hes lazy too, but .. we get along really well. i miss him. did i already say that?

the cat was bitten by some animal and wont put any weight on her foot. $120.00 at the vet today for exam, meds and rabies shot. UGH. damn animals!

i'm rambling and saying nothing LOL

just wishing we could make this place bigger, enjoy more time TOGETHER and make things work for everyone here. this economy sucks and my kids need jobs. kris needs to save money to study abroad next year(its mandatory). doug needs to find & afford housing. jackson needs to stop rummaging through other people's things, but thats a story for another day!

i am tired, maybe i can explain better tomorrow.


Jessie said...

Praying for you tonight Ali!

Erin said...

Ugh Ali.... hang in there momma...