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Sunday, January 11, 2009

theyre multiplying!!!!!!

the kids, that is. ben was kicked out of his house by his mean, wicked step mother who hates his guts, kayleigh went home to a locked house and never went back and jay lost his apartment in another town. so we now have 2 20 year olds, 2 18 year olds, a 17 year old, a 12 year old a 4 year old and an 18 month old. kris leaves friday, then the 3 soldiers will start leaving one by one. doug leaves on the 29th, ben leaves in feb., jay leaves on april 5th and kayleigh will come & go. also, Tim will be back on feb. 10th.
can you say ANIMAL HOUSE!?????????? frat house? brothel? the bathtub is suffering the most i think. itll ease up soon. doug is nervous about going back, but seems ok.
shawn isnt sleeping again. he had a great 4 months, but is now again terrified of his crib, climbs out over & over & over and is constantly awake screaming for hours in the middle of the night. i am tired, frustrated and quite frankly- about to jump off the nearest bridge.
last night we dumped the babies on all the freeloaders... er.. i mean big kids & yogi took me to Texas Roadhouse and to see the new Clint Eastwood movie. AMAZING. another gem by Eastwood. but shawn was screaming from 10 to 1130 while our phones were turned off. the teenagers handled him well. i came home to pink magic marker and chili mac hot sauce all over my couch and a sink full of dishes, but beggars cant be choosers right? we had a great time and it was so cool to sit & talk (mostly about our expected foreclosure proceedings @@)without 8 sets of ears listening to every word.
yah, you read that right. we dont make enough money for the bank to re-do our loan and lower our rediculous payments. isnt that the point????? took the FIFTEEN WEEKS to decide we werent worth it, they promise 10 days LOLOLOLOL. assholes. we paid them another 9-10k (during roofing season we were sending them about 3500.00 a month to catch us up)before they told us to go to hell. nice huh? they encouraged us to re-apply, so we did, but we are so behind now that they arent even accepting the money we do send. theyre sending it back. fine, i'll keep it and pay off other stuff. our credit file looks pretty good other than out mortgage, so maybe some other entity can help us out. we'll see how this re-application pans out first. where are we gonna go with 5 kids?????? i try not to think about it too much, gives me heart burn. gotta love Wilshire.
i'm gonna miss kristin. waaaaa.
gotta go. shawn is freakin' out again UGH.


Erin said...

oh man ali..... i am so sorry....
YIKES ON ALL THE PEOPLE! ACK ACK ACK~! I am such a hermit! I dont think I could handle it

Shea said...

Darn, I hate that this is happening to you. Things are so bad with the economy right now. I am in the process of trying to re finance or something right now. I just do not know why things have to be so darn expensive!!!! I will pray that something comes through for you.

Leslie said...

Ugh--I'm sorry, Ali. I'm glad that in the middle of all that you got a night out.

Brenda said...

I say you run away and visit me!