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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i didn't vote for the guy...

even though I didn't vote for the guy, today is really turning out to be an exciting day for me. It's still all historic and neat and cool and all that stuff. Didn't that sound deep and profound? read it again, out loud, you'll hear the profound-ness. damn, i should become a speech writer huh?
anyway, the crowds are huge in D.C. people of all races are tearful and joyful and hugging each the stranger next to them, just like the night he won the election. people are having huge parties all over the world. schools are gathering kids in gymnasiums to watch the thing happen live. Obama sure has a huge job ahead of him. expectations could not be any higher. he just might throw up in his mouth a few times today. i'm just sayin'. the wife is wearing a "sick dress" according to Jack. He's so fly.

am i nuts to be feeling a bit concerned for B.O.'s safety today? i've noticed that the officials are spilling too much info, in my opinion, to the media concerning security measures over today's events. Yogi assures me that they are only spilling enough to make people happy and feel safe but that they are keeping much of today's plans hush hush. i hope so. i just wish they'd STOP TALKING.

all 3 older boys are shoveling roofs(rooves?) for Yogi today. jack is at school. its finally peaceful here. the little ones are playing nicely for the moment(that V Smile game is a constant issue) so i am on here while laundry dries. the quiet is heaven. the laundry is not LOL

the nights are busy, jackson was picked for the Allstar Tournament basketball team again so he has practices and scrimmages all week leading up to the tourney this weekend, and he also has practice for his regular team. teenagers come in & out the door all evening and into the night and there are couple arguements at all hours. "C" & kendyl made cupcakes for ken to bring to school tomorrow. Shawn is sleeping better after a long week of not sleeping at all. the night before last he slept through the night in his bed, never climbed into mine once and last night i didnt see him until 4:30 am, so i will take that. his attitude is much improved too, not sure what was ailing him for the last 2 weeks! then he fell and hurt his foot last night, wouldn't walk for over 2 hours, and is limping hard thismorning... no idea what he did. he's his happy(usual) self now.

Shawns birth mom sent me his birth dad's e mail address, saying he'd love some pictures afterall, so i e mailed him an update and several pics last night. i hope he sees them.

had a tiny birthday party for ken the other night, she looked like a ragamuffin but here are a few pics:


Erin said...

I couldnt have said it any better ali!!!
hope things continue to look up for the kidlets! Shoveling rooves sounds pretty fun!

Desire to show gratitude said...

I lol about the security thing. A group of us were talking today that we bet the Secret Service would be glad when the day's events were done. How often do you have all the living Presidents, VPs, and members of the cabinet in such close proximity?!

Brenda said...

It was a big day. It will be interesting to see if he can turn our economy around. I sure hope so.