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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just an update

kristin finally caught the virus and is over it now, it seems to have left our home, knocking out everyone in its path aside from Jackson.
Uncle Tim finally left in his big rig today, headed for NJ. he will return in about a month. it was a fun 2 weeks except for the flu thing and we are behind on sleep. we miss him already. hes mellow, patient, helpful, great with kids and a fantastic cook and meal planner. he made these amazing frappes with oreos and ice cream. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. so sad to see him go. for some reason, shawn calls him "Gah" and walked around yelling for his Gah all day today :(
dakotah has kennell cough again. we cant figure out where hes picking it up! 130$ bill UGH.
new year's eve was pretty tame but nice. we just hung around here watching kathie griffin and laughing. getting up the next morning STUNK.
im in the middle of a HUGE painting job. hard work but great money. 2 rooms, cathedral ceilings, lots of woodwork, texturing... lots of climbing. its gonna be beautiful. i am half finished now. i go at night. yogi & i have hardly seen each other in 10 days. hes in boston all day, then over there 7 afternoons/evenings a week remodeling the place, then i go over at night after he gets home. i even painted on Sunday, which i usually refuse to do. i love painting but my neck hurts.

on sunday i hung out with the mom of that FAE/RAD kid that murdered his grandfather recently. they all seem to be hanging in there. she says they have not even seen michael yet, "nobody will let them because hes over 18". doesnt seem right to me! hes at the nastiest jail in NH and i have to wonder how thats going!

another ice storm is coming in tonight. school was delayed on monday due to icey conditions, likely cancelled tomorrow..... it killed me to write a huge check to kendyl's school yesterday. SHES HARDLY BEEN THERE all month! doesnt seem fair at all. she misses her friends and her routine. if we lose power i will cry & kick & scream and have a tantrum. my stomach is doing flip flops just thinking about it. please... no. i have PTSD over the last outage.

so far its been a good 2009. everyone is healthy again and work is plentiful right now. jackson is doing great and is so into his new Ipod and his nintendo DS that his doctors office got for him. kris is home for 2 more weeks but cant find work. doug is trying to leave earlier than planned for his extended Army training so he can leave for Iraq sooner. there is NO WORK here, he has applied everywhere. he has no vehicle, no job and no school. its getting old. he has his GED and hes ready to go. time to launch. yes, i am pressuring him.

my debit card is missing.

time to go paint!
have a great new year, everybody!

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