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Saturday, January 17, 2009

nothing really makes any kind of impression

since the cell phone fiasco, jackson has decided to punish me by doing absolutely NOTHING in school. it was pretty easy to see that he was being lazy, but until 2 days ago i ignored it. i reminded him that even though the cell phone didnt work out(50$ worth of downloads in 2 days- i took it back)he still needed to do his part and learn so he can be a productive adult with an apartment and car. i also reminded him that as of next year, school wont allow him to play sports without the grades. he shrugged. the next day, the teacher called to tell me hes doing nothing and that she had sent home a note 3 days in a row, but he kept destroying them. so flunking AND lying about it. nothing new. so no basketball last night, went straight to his room after school, came down for dinner and went back up. now hes just ignoring us all. nice and quiet!

i havent been blogging because i hurt my back. hurts to sit in the hard chair. 3 days in a row at the chiropractor and i feel pretty good. i do not love chiropractic care(chiropracture? is that really a word?) but Old Blue Eyes sure knows his stuff. he also collects Red Sox memorobilia and has the COOLEST Jack Dempsey in his lobby fish tank. O.B.E is THE MAN. i have to go back on Monday..... but i dont want to lol. its not the pain, its the cracking sounds. i dont like the sounds. he told me to wear an Ipod lol

settling into normalcy with 8 kids is absolutely impossible and those of you who do it are insane. there. i said it.
everything is filthy and has a film of some kind on it.
nothing works right.
stuff is missing FOR DAYS ON END
the fridge is always empty
the cabinets are bare, but "nobody" ate anything!
the garbage can needs to be emptied every 4 hours
the bathroom always smells, and i keep cleaning it.
my truck is never here
where are all the towels?????
why is the dog getting so fat?
4 rolls of toilet paper PER DAY-no lie.
the strawberry pediasure is SHAWN'S!
get your own dental floss!
the skim milk IS MINE.
5 different cologne scents waft through the house. spray some in the damn bathroom!
omg the laundry room is simply unbelieveable
the list goes on. this is HARD WORK. everyone is "helping" but lets be honest... its not very helpful.
kris went back to school last night. 1 down- 3 to go LOL

the foreclosure thing is... still hanging over our heads. before we didnt make enough money to warrant help, now we make too much @@ still working on it. not much progress.

yesterday it was 5 below zero. yogi spent the entire day, and another 2 hours of overtime- laying in the snow clipping anchors onto buildings. i'll stay here and do laundry!
better go, yogi took the 2 youngest grocery shopping, theyll be back any minute and ive accomplished nothing LOL

happy birthday kendyl!!!!!!!! CAKE TONIGHT. mmmmmm


Torina said... what is your secret??? Your kids use toilet paper??? How did you get them to use it? We went from o to 3 kids in 2 years and we use maybe ONE more roll a week. Yes, all my kids need to bathe every day LOL

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Brenda said...

I'll pray all your money issues work out for you. AS for the 8 kids....What could be normal?????????