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Thursday, January 29, 2009


i have a fever, cold and body aches. yuck! kids dont feel much better than i do. jack is healthy, as usual.
doug is gone, we had a nice diner the night before and he left in an ok mood yesterday. this time apart will be good for all of us!

lots of snow fell yesterday, with rain on top. snow blowers were useless after the rains came. the guys did our yard and the widow across the street's yard. she insisted on paying all of them lol shes so funny.

after 15 wet nights a in a row, jackson has stayed dry for 2 in a row. its so interesting how when you threaten to take toy he really likes away from him if he can't make an effort to try harder, the bed is magically dry. isnt that strange?(insert sarcasm at HIGH level)

the cat is peeing on laundry. the cats days are numbered. she better have some curable illness.

i just wanna lay down. hope you are all healthy. sesame street is on!

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