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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

super glue

i only wrote that to get you to say "UH OH!" GOTCHA!
no super glue incidents since jan. of 04, thanks goodness.
i havent posted lately, dont really know why, just dont have much to say. no deep thoughts. no epiphanies. i feel like i get on here and post these dull, lame family updates that are a total snore. i guess i will just ramble for now. fair warning.

i'm down to ONE diet pepsi a day, from 5 on average. GO ME.

shawn, ken & mummy all have yucky colds.

it was a very busy week and weekend with all star basketball tournament. 2 wins/2 losses)one by ONE point!) daddy watched both wins(8 am games), i watched both losses. jackson said i am bad luck. thanks, ya turd. i am a jinx. great.

oh-here's a typical ALI moment. i bought a toddler bed for 60$ on craig's list, since shawn had climbed out of the crib 700 times. as Yogi was taking the crib apart, he found that it converts to a toddler bed lolololololol. when we bought the crib from craig's list about 18 mos. ago, we KNEW it converted. how did we both forget? typical. i am losing it. anybody need a toddler bed? its cherry!

the foreclosure things seems to be worked out. after lots of faxing and talking on the phone with the lender over the last 3 weeks, i somehow talked them into lowering our rate, putting all the arrears at the end of the 30 year loan and lowering our payment $400 a month. still paying 2k a month for a 6 room cape, but this is NH. (safest state of the 50 to live in, AGAIN this year. we wanna stay.) she still needs to send it in for "approval" but it looks good. we find out in 10 days.

Doug leaves for pre -war training tomorrow. he will be gone 14 weeks this time. we are all going to Texas Roadhouse tonight to celebrate and say goodbye, but i dont know if i feel like it. i will go and smile. He and i could really use a break from each other, but i'm not thrilled to see him go.

AJ died 4 years ago today. i lit my candles and am having an ok day. it was a day just like today, i had no idea what was to come. i wish i could call him on the phone and tell him i love him and how much i miss him every. single. day. it still sucks so bad. i didnt feel like getting up today. 530 is too early anyway.

another huge storm coming tonight. another missed school day for kendyl tomorrow, according to the news. it has now been 7 weeks since she actually went to school all 3 days in a week. and tomorrow was supposed to be Backwards Day and shes all excited. crud.

my sister has had 4 HUGE tattoos inked on her body inside of 2 months-the last 3 within a week. time for in intervention???????????? i have 2 but..... i am talking HUGE.

now that we are more hopeful about staying here, i need to get moving and paint my bedroom. its the only room i havent painted yet. its flat white paint right now, no pictures hung, everything is crammed under the bed. i miss seeing my Old Man Of The Mountain collection hanging. its a big room, and has so much heavy furniture and we have the baby in there with us, so it wont be easy. won't be able to paint during nap time or after bed time. weekends i guess. the carpet is this ugly, mauve 1990's rubbermaid pink. color choices are limited lol. some kind of sage green maybe? the carpet is in great condition so its staying.

i wanna see the new dustin hoffman movie because i am old and boring.

i better get moving, ken took off for a play date and shawn will be awake soon. i gave him some cold medicine, he was coughing alot, so maybe he will sleep longer. so much laundry to do and a few missing items i need to find. what else is new?????

jackson was so obnoxious thismorning i finally kicked him out at 730 bus comes at 805. 4 degrees. I CARE!!!

im down 17 lbs now. its hard. i want kettle corn sooooooooooooo bad!

ok, im done. hugs to all 7 of you lol wait... 14 of you! wow! im popular!


Jessie said...

Keep at it my friend! I'm not seeing much loss on scale, but I can run 2.5 miles, slow, but running! You gonna do that 5 k with me? Come on, you know you want to! Nice to get an update, hope you all feel better soon! J-whose putting Sim down for a nap, and getting on that treadmill!

Torina said...

I like your updates! I don't think they are boring at all! Congrats on working our your mortgage! That is excellent, especially these days when the economic world feels like it is collapsing around us...

Georgia said...

I know the exact shade of mauve 90's carpet you are talking about it. My mother has it in her house. Will probably be there until she dies.

Shea said...

I love kettle corn!!! I'm on a diet too. Congrats on your 17 pounds!!! I am always on a diet it seems. I am so glad you are going to get to save your house.