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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


jacks first 28 point game! (bad lighting!)

so..... whats in the bottle little boy?

watching a movie together

saying goodbye to Uncuh :(

the Ipod has been a huge hit

ken took this LOL

the kids were intrigued with his hands after he textured ceilings all day. i think shawny was a little freaked out!

nonnie loves flashlights!

tickling with Uncuh

gift from Uncuh. auntie Amy loved it!

she wanted this tea maker for her dorm room sooo bad! i finally had to order it because the stores were empty

my favorite christmas morning picture except for the handprints on the TV LOL . he looks so much like his birth parents here.

kris took this in november, i just found it on her face book. i love his reflection in the window and his foot. he put the chair in the bay window all by himself, then climbed up and sat down!

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