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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Rockin' Rib Fest!

We got Outta the house today! we mowed the lawn, weed wacked, did laundry... then went to have some FUN at 5pm. for years we've wanted to go to this gig but never made the time. the weather was great, the kids were very well behaved, especially considering shawn hadnt slept the whole day(what else is new???) and Jackson found a friend from school and had a ball with him. there was so much for the kids to do, jumpy houses and slides, tons of games, crafts like sand art and spin was just awesome. we ran into old friends, current friends, yogi/ricky's brother and was like july 4th on steroids! i am so glad we went and sad that we've missed so many years of it(DUH!). i guess its a huge BEER thing too, but we dont drink anymore. we stayed until 10pm, shawn drifted off at about 920. i knew if i put him in the stroller he'd wake up screaming, so instead of carrying him the full 2 miles back to the truck, the 3 kids and i waited in line for the school bus to drive us to our truck, while daddy pushed the double stroller and all our stuff to meet us up there, since the stroller wouldnt fit on the bus. the line for the bus was full of loud, slurring, interesting(drunkards) people. we learned new, colorful words and kendyl learned how to belch the alphabet. good times! the baby woke up at that point. anyway, the bus finally came and kendyl was SO excited for her first ride on a Big School Bus. we sang the wheels on the bus song as we waited to take off and she just grinned the entire ride....and about halfway to our vehicle he stopped to let people off. as people were exiting the bus, the driver was chatting with folks. all of a sudden, familes in the back of the bus were screaming, "rollin'! rollin'! rollin'!" (in NH we do not pronounce R's of any kind)just then, we crashed into the bus behind us. um... duh? luckily i had a tight hold of shawn alan or he would have been on the floor. kendyl was scared but fine, jackson was hysterically laughing. nobody was hurt but there were some drunken, pititful screams ad threats to sue. at that point, the bus behind us radio'd to tell our driver he was a "tool" and that his bus was leaking and no longer running. needless to say, we stood up, i loudly exclaimed "i am SO blogging this!" (for some reason, the drunks thought that was hilarious!)and exited the bus at that time and walked and walked and walked..... i finally had to hand the baby to jackson and carry kendyl, who was barefooted and exhausted. jack did a great job of helping and i dont know what i would have done if i was alone with the babies! luckily, yogi was walking toward us after the first mile, he knew something must be up, and helped us the rest of the way. we arrived home at 11pm, the baby still woke up 3 times overnight and was up for the day at 6. please shoot me now! my fat body is SORE.
i wanna go back today! hoping to talk hubby into it!


Justju said...

Awesome outfits on Kendyl & freaking cute. I can eat them up! Sounds like it was a awesome day, except for the bus crash and walk back to the car. Ick! I'm glad Jackson helped you with the babies. I hope you all got to go back and had more fun! We had a boring day! Love ya girlie!

Erin said...

Sounds like an AWESOME day outside of the darned bus crash!!!!
LOVE the pics of the kiddies! Look at Shawn Alan go!

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Shawn *IS* a tiny little peanut. Lydie would eat him for dinner.

Happy Summer guys!