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Friday, June 20, 2008

progress updates

* garbage disposal? still busted. and what a pain in the butt it is to run this kitchen without it. Yogi is working on it right now and is on the phone with our plumber friend. I have hope.
* 2 more days of school. Jackson doesnt want to go on monday or tuesday. too bad.
* the trampoline the neighbors gave us has been huge hit. "spikito" bites are plentiful too! kendyl is having a ball!
* No call from doug yet. waaaa.
* I am now addicted to kathy griffin's reality show "my life on the D list."
* I am hoping to run over my neighbor's yappy dog when they let him out to piss on my lawn tonight. i will update you tomorrow LOL
* every night, jackson whines and moans because i do not let him stay up until 9pm. tonight i told him he could stay up. it is 7:39 right now and he is asleep next to me on the couch. nuff said.
* in our lame attempt to "go green" we have ceased our use of paper plates. so far, it's annoying. to me, "going green" is having a sick stomach or watching the celtics!
* Kendyl's new word is CRAP. yah. neat.
* according to my mother, my father is looking for a car for kristin. hes going to buy it for her, just because "she deserves it". VERY COOL! i havent told her yet.
* the garbage disposal is running! it doesnt sound too healthy, but its running!
* jackson is angry that we are sending him up to bed. so... its my fault hes asleep on the couch at 730? why is it my fault that hes tired? whatever!
* we are hoping to do something fun this weekend.
thats about it for now. i am so boring!


Leslie said...

No way--the school year isn't over??? You crack me up about the yappy dog--did you see Rent? I hope you're having a fun weekend!!

ali said...

baaaaa i LOVE LOVE LOVE RENT! i am a renthead. can you beleive its OVER in sept.? im so sad,...
yes, in NH school can go on FOREVER. ugh.
good luck with the move!