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Sunday, June 29, 2008


my neighbor, the father of jacksons friend(an only child), who is buddy buddy with jackson in a way that makes me uncomfortable(NOTHING CREEPY, JUST... ANNOYING) decided it would be ok for him to hand jackson $25 the other night. 5$ for every 'A' on his report card. first of all, talk to ME first! secondly, the only 'A' he earned was in gym class, so... joke's on you, sucker!!!! this is the 2nd time we have had issues with neighbors parenting jackson or getting too (what they think is)close to him. the other neighbors moved to Florida in September(BYE!!). now we are being forced into having confrontations with this family. i DESPISE confrontation. i'm a pansy. a ninnie. a doormat of sorts. you know those people who will take a sample on a toothpick from a foreigner at the food court, and then eat at their restaurant just so she won't hurt the sample giver's feelings? THATS ME. anyway, back to my story. these people know alot of jackson's story, although not all of it. It's becoming a complete repeat of the prior family. the stuff they say just makes me nuts.
" i don't get it, he's such a gentleman at OUR house!"
" we'll take him any time, he is so polite, kind, good etc. etc..."
" maybe he just needs more attention." (yah, ok, guess i never thought of that @@)
" maybe you're just too strict" ( "let him be a kid!") yah, i'm such a hardass. i guess i should just let him raise himself . that rap music will save him.
"he'll grow out of it."
what kind of idiot thinks it's ok to hand some neighbor kid 25$ for GRADES? without asking the parents? i mean, is my son gonna come home with a tattoo?????? a piercing? a mowhawk? an arranged marriage? a cult membership?
i wish people would stop trying to save him. leave us alone! these people know NOTHING.


Shea said...

Just a thought, and in no way no way do I know all of your story, so please do not be offended. My childhood left very little to be desired. I show extra attention to one of my nieces because she reminds me of myself. Sometimes I think her mom might not like it very much. However, I never cross that line, and it is true that her home life is not good, and Jackson has great parenting and love from the both of you unlike what my niece gets. Maybe they have their reasons from other life experiences for getting involved however misguided they might be. I too hate confrontation, but he is your child and I completely understand how you would want someone to respect your boundaries. God bless, and I hope it is not too hard on you and that they back off.

Erin said...

I am a sissy too

Justju said...

I'm a wimp as well when it comes to confrontation. Like going to the freaking principal's office as a child. Yuck. {{Ali}} But we do what we must do for our kids. Good luck, Ali.

Kathy C. said...

Yes!! I hear you!!! They must be my neighbors from when we lived in GA and everyone knew so much more about my "problem child" than us. Clothes, shoes, food etc etc because his horrible parents wouldn't replace the stuff he purposely ruined.