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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Daddy At Our House

when i think about how "hands on" my husband is as a father, it blows my mind. i was raised in the 70's. Dads went to work. Moms raised the kids. That was that. my husband rocks kids to sleep, treats boo boos, pushes the stroller, attends school and sporting events, guides their futures... he even tag teams both babies in the bathtub at the same time, combs difficult hair and creates KILLER pony tails! All without complaint. He could be as free as a bird right now. Most guys are at 45, i think. after all, he only has ONE biological child, yet he has been a Daddy to MANY over the better part of 20 years, and will be a full time parent for atleast 20 more. How many guys want to do that? Marriage and family mean EVERYTHING to him. He amazes me with his mellow, kind nature and his positive outlook in the face of any challenge.... he never even breaks a sweat. He works 2 jobs, we suffer constant financial woes and we lack space & recources, yet he still never gives up, never complains... he leaves that to me! I get down, I get antsy, I feel trapped at times(especially in the winter)but not him. He keeps a postitive attitude when i feel like i cannot take another step. He always knows what to say to put it all back into perspective, back into a positive light for me. He is truly the kind of man I've always wanted to be with, always wanted to co-parent with and definately wanted to grow old with, since i was a little girl. I hope i don't take him for granted. I try not to anyway. HE'S THE MAN. Today I got up early with the baby(530 UGH) and cleaned up the kitchen so Daddy could sleep in. he came down at 7am (to him that IS sleeping in, i guess!)and started making pancakes! then he got started cooking a turkey! LOL he wanted turkey for Father's Day so he cooked one! when i fell asleep in the rocking chair while nursing the baby at 830 am, he took on the rest of the kids for almost 2 hours. When we woke up, he took Kendyl grocery shopping-she needed a fresh pineapple lol. I was in the shower when he arrived with the groceries, so he put everything away! (I have great timing!)Then he made all the fixin's for the turkey while I folded a MOUNTAIN of laundry and we ate at noon. Now he's chopping up the fresh pineapple. YUM!!! uh-oh. something is REALLY stuck in the garbage disposal mechanism. It's a face cloth. I cannot fix it. he's so mellow! he's not getting worked up at all! The baby is back to sleep(so cranky today-his schedule got all messed up with the baseball pool party yesterday) so atleast there is some peace and quiet while we take the garbage disposal apart. It's rainy and cool outside anyway :( tonight my parents are coming over and we are having a "Good Luck doug!" carvel cake. Doug leaves on tuesday night. What a busy but Happy Father's Day so far!

i spoke too soon about the peace & quiet, a huge pile of Doug's friends just showed up to wish Yogi a happy Father's day!

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Erin said...

happy fathers day yogi meister! I did not realize doug is already leaving!
It is a DRAB day... and our daddy took off to Texas! What a gift! 4 nights no kids!