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Saturday, June 28, 2008

picture people and skunks

our dog was sprayed by a skunk a few days ago. that has been FUN(except not really!) the whole place smells like a sewer and the dog is grouchy about the whole embarrassment thing. hey, dont play with skunks, ya dummy! the mobile groomer(since hes so special ed. he cant go to a groomer) is coming on monday afternoon. he will love that!(he hee)

i took the youngest 2 to Picture People yesterday. on a "stress" scale from 1-10 it was a 10, but on a "success" scale it was a good 8, so i'll take that. shawn was awful lol and very vocal and MOBILE, but we got through it. kendyl didnt get scared and cry! YAY! she got 4 great shots, even though she was quite lazy and didnt want to take out any props or change the backrounds or anything like you see in the advertising.(to be honest, she STUNK). i mean, these were shawnys 1 year pictures! kristin went with me to help and jumped in for a few sister shots with kendyl. then i spent a whopping $62 and got outta there as fast as i could! i could have spent a FORTUNE, they were BEAUTIFUL. they wore the outfits they wore to Ribfest( a few posts down) if ya want to see what they wore. yogi wants me to go back and order more wallets. he LOVED them all. sucker! i wish i could figure out how to post a few of my favorite shots here. (figured it out! thanks julie!)

anyway, not much to write about, except a weird behavioral thing with jackson thismorning, but i need to think all that through before i post. i need to go over it all. im a goober like that. yogi is roofing all day, but will be home tomorrow. i am so glad!

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Justju said...

Stinky doggie. Ruff, ruff. lol. Why do dogs think they can play with skunks and get away with it? They always get sprayed. But I hope they learn their lesson and don't play with them again!

I love the pics...have you tried right clicking on them to save them to your computer? Or highlighting them and copying them and pasting in paint? Hell, I don't know...I know they have that watermark on them...but God they're cute.