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Thursday, February 25, 2010


theyre part of life, right?
i woke up with a sore lower back yesterday, i ignored it, it got worse and worse, then i faced facts and started babying it, treating it with ice and drugging myself heavily. by the time dinner was ready i felt so much better, and went to the Y and biked a mile while i waited for a free treadmill(it was raining, school is out this week, place was packed) then ran 4 miles! i felt excellent the entire time. felt good afterwards, drove home, showered, slept great through the night and woke up feeling decent thismorning. at about 11am i was helping Kendyl clean her room, bent down to pick up a toy, went to straighten up and BAM! the pain was INSANE and i was sweating profusely. it took my 10 minutes to even get out of the bedroom and get down the stairs. what a day it has been! Jenny, Konor, Jackson & Tim helped me all day and then Yogi's sister showed up(shes in town til tomorrow) and she helped with dishes and kitchen duty. Yogi came home and helped after work. im so blessed. I'm mad that i cant run tonight, it messes up my schedule, but tomorrow i may feel fine, who knows? Tim made fish tonight, it was amazing! he also lent me some of his hefty pain killers :) im on the mend!

The teen drama continues, but its a long story that i just dont feel like telling. no arrests lol. well, not Doug anyway. Jenny is doing very well here, other than the reefer. Konor is job hunting. Jack is enjoying vacation. kendyl misses school but is enjoying some fun playdates. on sunday, Yogi took the kids to the boston children's museum while i went to the baby shower, they had a blast, he took a few pics, but most are blurry.. i may post a few. what a cool place!

we lose our insurance on march 1st. private ins. won't touch jackson with a 10 foot pole, so it could get ugly. My physical is april 7th, the bill will be outrageous. but im going! i want to see my cholesterol numbers again(211 2 years ago- i want lower) and i want to come to a realistic goal weight with him and get his input about my BMI, my fitness goals(he was a runner for eons, until he had surgery on both nakles) my progress.... i have a list LOL. but... maybe he'll take pity on my financial situation. that would help immensely. im still at the 36 lb. loss right now, i usually only lose weight 2 weeks out of each month... long story

for American Idol, so far, i like Aaron Kelly :)

shawn fell asleep at 5pm tonight, i hope he sleeps through!

jackson has only peed the bed TWO times since he started that drug 6 weeks ago. BLISS, beyond explanation. those 2 nights, he was up waaay too late.

pain killers make me boring. sorry.
oh- the reason Corinne(Yogi's sister) is in town is because an uncle died, the 2 hour ride to and from the services(in lancaster NH) made it feel like date :) the after funeral party and food was lots of fun. best.cheesecake.ever. Tim, Jenny & konor babysat the kids and took them to Chuck E Cheese !!! they had so much fun. it was a busy weekend with the museum on sunday and CEC on Monday, they were overtired that night!

ShawnAlan has decided that naps are over rated. ah, well. he goes to bed earlier-although not usually as early as he did tonight, and hes sleeping a bit later too, which has been heavenly. a non napping baby/baby who should be napping gets pretty ugly by dinnertime, but it sure frees up your schedule during the day. he still crashes out in the car, which can be inconvenient, and you feel bad waking them... but I like it. Kristin was my longest napper-age 5 LOL. she loved naps. still does!

My friend sue, who we call mer mer(memmay?) has heart disease, diabetes and now diagnosed with lukemia. im too mad to be sad right now. shes 65. her grandson Brody is Kendyl's best friend. i hope she can be treated and get better. damn cancer. pisses me off.

this pill is making my tummy kind of sick, i'm gonna close my eyes.

hugs to you all! thank you to my frequent commenters and readers, sorry ive been absent and lame lately, life is crazy and full of teen drama!


Kristin said...

i hope your back gets better! take it easy. and who died?

Mothering4Money said...

If the pain goes to the upper back, promise me that you'll go to the ER or at least a walk in clinic. In women heart attacks can feel like pain in the back rather than the chest/arm like in men. Thinking of you. xoxo

Jody said...

o.k...why are you puking? I have been worried...hang in there and keep working out..remember you are motivating me! take care- jody