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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

favorites from jay's baby shower

jay.. the soldier who lived here, i went to his girl's baby shower on sunday and decided to pretend to be the professional photographer. it was fun! People (hardly anybody knew me) thought i was a hired pro and were approaching me to tell me what to shoot LOL. I told them I was a friend of the baby's Father, but some didnt believe me! it was a hoot. pretending was fun. here are my favorites. i love depth of field!


Mike and Katie said...

Great photos! I can't wait to see some before and after photos of your weight loss. You're doing great!

Kristin said...

mom, these are AWESOME!! somebody should've been payin' you! ;) and what a cute place! where was it? and what'd you give her/the baby?

mackyton said...

Jay's baby shower looks so enjoyable. I am truly obsessed with these beautiful party photos. My sister is also expecting a baby and I will host surprise Mermaid themed baby shower for her. I have just booked the best San Francisco venues for this bash.