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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i know.. i know....

i have a few(good) stalkers who are pissed WAY OFF that im not blogging. lemme explain!

i have SIX 19 year olds living here. SIX. long story, but they have nowhere else to go. im so damn busy. im only on here right now because im puking today. ya know, just for fun(the puking). ive got Doug back until september, jenny & konor until may, Corey lee is sleeping in my bay window or on the sectional most nights-lost his apartment along with Doug. then, doug & corey lee's girlfriends JUST WONT GO AWAY LOL, nah, i love them both. Doug is back with Kayleigh again(the prom pics girl) and corey and jessie are together for the moment. they are having a baby in August, so i hope they can work it out for real. jessie is so tiny and has this cute little Hollywood style baby bump. shes still so sick every day, i was the same way, so i feel very protective over her. she and corey are apartment/job hunting, it wont be long. Corey lee CLEANS. i dig him.
they all smoke, except for jessie. tim smokes too. I HATE IT. thats been the only issue. yah, they keep it outside, but right this minute the smoke is wafting in through the living room window i opened, this fever is making me hot and sweaty. HATE CIGS.

the N only works when it wants to on this keyboard. youre welcome!

so.. the 6 19 year olds, 14, 5 & 2.5. im half crazy. its like a frat house. the almost 21 year old returns in may.

we decided not to buy the new washer & dryer. the stuff we have will work for now, its not broken, just inefficient, so we want to save the money.

our yard is completely free of snow now, earliest we've seen the lawn in years. we ALWAYS have snow in march. ALL of March, most years. this is so weird, but welcomed. Its been warmish too.

Im looking forward to see Kristin on the 29th, but not thrilled about traveling or being in that kind of heat. im such a wuss and an un grateful bitch, pretty much. just keepin' it real.

I'm taking really good care of myself, still. week 15 began 2 days ago. i'm down 38 lbs, i gain a few, lose a few, gain one, lose 2, gain one, lose one...... been hovering at 200 for WEEKS ON END. gaining muscle, losing fat, getting PMS......yo yo ing. trying to ignore the scale. once i'm truly under 200, im hoping i wont be so tempted to look. my original goal was to see 199 for the first time since late 2006. im ALMOST THERE! aything else is gravy and heart healthy for me. i love running, climbing, cycling, the tread climber and the fitness ball workouts(the 8 lb). i run and/or cycle 6 days a week. im sad that the last 10lbs. has taken so very long to come off, and the current 5, even longer, but.. oh well. im NOT quitting! i have taken 2 outdoor runs so far, i hurt more afterwards, so im taking it very slow with that. the last thing i need is an injury or any excuses. Yogi & I drove around our area and clocked 5 different running routes(the pedometer i bought is SOOOO lame! cant count on it at all) so we have some different routes written down so if i dont show up when expected, he knows where to go looking. i may run outside tonight.

all the kids are well. kendyl LOVES her ew soccer team and school, shawn is talking up a storm, doug & Konor both found jobs, Jackson continues to amaze us with his new self. the one who has been kind, concerned, joyful, accountable, dependable, age appropriate, independent, funny, motivated and enjoying life. thismorning, as he walked out the door to the bus stop i said "love you!" he said "love you too, mom". i dont care if he meant it. i dont. he said it. I'll take it. he still teases Kendyl and hogs the shower, but in an age appropriate way. I adore him. hes loving this AAU basketball league and he is headed to the championship this weekend for the town rec. league too. he refuses to play baseball this year, just wants to concentrate o basketball, im sad about it, but im just gonna suck it up. his ball handling skills are INCREDIBLE, hes so fun to watch. last week, in a playoff game, his coach looked up at Yogi in the stands and said, "this is like You Tube stuff!" JOY.

Kris is still livin' it up in Costa Rica and knows it will be very hard to leave. sun, beach, fun host family, great friends, nice tan, great classes...... JOY. but she finds joy in everything. she claims shes gained some weight. SHE LIES LOL

Doug's state of mind is very positive right now, we are hopeful. he seems very very upbeat and positive. hes roofing with his daddy, which he loves, and working at a local, well established(not going anywhere)diner part time. with the snow melting so soon, Yogi is on his first roof as we speak. we had a huge wind storm and lost power, along with the entire town, 2 weeks ago. many a shingle blew away! work is pouring in. phone is rining. life is pretty good. I miss him though, we are hardly ever in the house at the same time anymore :(

we want to buy a car for some of the kids to share, mostly jenny & kristin, once she arrives home. we have $2500.00 and want an automatic, 4 door small-medium sized car, newer than an '01, that doesnt need a butt load of money put into it right away. think we can find one? more useful than the washer/dryer right now. cant do both, but did buy shawn alan a new carseat-his Britax Marathon is "expiring"(???)wish us luck with the car.

i better go. ive been sitting for hours. my stomach isnt churning anymore, so im gonna try some food...

sorry i've been so bad, but im really trying to be more active(when i'm not puking) and focus on my health. i have to... and i love it, im so addicted. i will try to update more often. but im just not addicted to blogging anymore.(sorry, Short Bus Mommy. i love you!)
oh- i really dont look ay different, to me, so i havent posted ay pictures..i look the same as i did at my dads retirement party, pretty much. if i start to change, i will post some!
hugs to all!


SanitySrchr said...

Welcome back! We've missed you!

Mothering4Money said...

Girlfriend, You've gotta learn to "Just Say NO". LOL

get well soon


Kristin said...

i learn sooo much new information from each blog post, haha. i can't wait to meet the new jackson, i hope it lasts! i'm glad to hear doug is in good spirits. and the photos from kendyl's first practice were precious! you are way too nice, mom. not only taking in kids, but taking in PREGNANT, moody, pukey kids. and jenny will smoke pot in the car, so she can have it all to herself. haha