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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i cant believe its been 11 days since i posted. Life has been busy and full of teen drama at times. I am running & biking every day now, I am down 32 lbs. as of thismorning. Another reason for my absense is that I just dont have much new stuff to blog about. i feel like its all redundant repeats. And Haiti? EVERYONE is blogging about the situation there. Anything I would write would feel plagoristic, pathetic, and big time debbie downer. i have so much i WANT to say, but I'm way too worried about other's opinions. My opinion may difffer from most. All the kids are fine, Doug is still on self destruct mode, but he has to run his own life, I cant involve myself anymore. he is resistant to any help or advice. Kris is having a blast in Costa Rica, check out her blog, to the right. I guess I'm just really taking some time for me now, getting away from the computer, getting off my rear end and getting myself together. lots of little things have happened, we had a retirement party for my Dad, my niece jennifer just moved in with us, appliances breaking left & right...lots of little things. right now i have a terrible sinus infection and am battling that through all my workouts UGH. i keep thinking im getting better, then i have a bad day again.
see? not much to say. i will try to keep up better this week! oh!-im also having major computer problems with 2 different laptops, which has also kept me from blogging. hoping to have the one computer fixed this week, he already fixed it, we went to pick it up, but it still doesnt work@@ so.. that too. have i mentioned our bad luck with pets & appliances?(the pets are ok, for now) i will post pics from dad's party as soon as the other laptop is fixed-i stupidly loaded them all into that one DUH.
hope you are all doing well. i am on facebook-alison l maker crawford. look me up!


SanitySrchr said...

32 lbs??? THAT'S FANTASTIC!! Keep up the great work!!!!

I too haven't posted anything about Haiti for the same reasons. I read others, and I pray! I'm still in the process of putting together my 10 posts about my November missionary trip to Haiti.

Kristin said...

I could swear our family has some sort of anti-empty bedroom disease. :)

Mothering4Money said...

OMG girl another boarder/kid/mouthtofeed. LOL

Way to go with the 32 pounds! Goooo Ali!

It's your blog girlfriend, post your opinions if ya wanna.

Feel better soon. xoxo