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Saturday, February 13, 2010

weekly wrap up, kinda

*Kourtney is out, my niece Jenny & her boyfriend Konor are in. Both of those names really start with C, but I like K's better and it's my blog. So there. They both need a place to stay, and Kristin won't be home until May, so it works. They're both great with the kids and Konor can carry very heavy things :) Jenny works at a department store, Konor is in the same boat as Doug. "looking".

* Uncuh's Birthday is tomorrow. All he wants is a cheesecake with apple brandy sauce. Yogi just finished making it. Looks fantastic!

* Valentine's Day is a bust, 2 (maybe 3) years running, same reason as always. I have pneumonia. I get it every February. I also have a sinus infection. Z pack to the rescue! Got it yesterday. The minute I got back from the Doctor, Shawn went downhill with his cold and told me his ear was hurting. I called the Doctor's office back and they told me to come right over. He has his first ear infection. It was a long afternoon, it got really painful realy quickly, but by the time he went to bed the ibuprofen was helping, so were the meds and he's been a bucket of fun ever since, and slept well.

* even though I've been sick for the better part of a month, I've kept up with my workouts and have now lost 34 lbs. in under 12 weeks. My doctor was so proud of me! taking 2 days off in a row has been tough, but I know I need to. Yogi grounded me to the house! the day before I finally went to the doctor I ran 4 miles and biked 7! But when i woke up yesterday morning I knew I had to go see the doc. I may have been over doing it, for a sick person anyway. Today I've had pizza and 3 oreos. Might as well go big or go home, being that I'm sick & all LOL I may try a quick run in the morning- I've still got one good lung.

* I spent what little free time I had left this week making Valentine chocolates for Kendy's school party, the nursing home my Mom volunteers at and some neighbors. Luckily, I don't really like the stuff so I don't sample while I work. I took a picture I think...came out cute.

* Dell sent me a brand new hard drive for this laptop, Konor installed it today. He's very computer savvy and figured out that we needed a new hard drive and that Dell may send us one, and they did! This particular model has had many issues, they gave us no trouble. I thought i bought this thing over a year ago, but, upon investigation, i realized it was only 7 mos. ago! Too bad I already spent 200$ to have a guy fix it, which didn't even work anyway! I'm hoping he will remove all my photos from the old hard drive, free of charge, since what he did to fix it didn't work. Think he'll do it? Seems fair to me!

* It is 97* in Costa Rica every day. Were you aware of that? 97. degrees. Ferenheit. K.

* Pitchers and catchers report to spring training this week, I'm just sayin' :) The equipment truck left Fenway yesterday. Spring is almost here!

* Jackson doesn't want to play baseball anymore. I am devastated. He doesn't care.

* Jackson made that traveling basketball team. The New England Raptors. He plays through July. Rec ball/town league ends next month. Until then he will be playing for 2 teams, plus an Allstar tournament for rec ball next month. This traveling team is demanding. $15 to try out, $160 to play, $30-40 per tournament, about 2 per month, all over the state. TONS of practice & conditioning, almost daily. It won't be easy, so I hate to whine about baseball. But I still will.

he's thrilled!

* Our tax refund will be decent this year. I may score a new washer & dryer! Ours aren't very old at all, but 120 minutes to dry a load??? geesh. What a pain. We know what we want, but just haven't been able to afford it. They'll pay for themselves in energy savings. Less water, detergent, time,(time is money!) electricity....We still owe my parents money, so they may score too. The rest, we will save for mortgage payments during lean times. Our mortgage is high for such a small place. New England...

* Did I mention I'm grounded? just checking...

* I am ready for winter to end. But 97????

* Still don't want to write about Haiti. All I can say is that when we watch the footage, we see our sons face in every.single. face and it's very hard to think of them suffering. Hungry. need of medication etc...many mistakes continue to be made. big groups *cough*UNICEF*cough* who think children should spend their entire life in an orphanage "in their own country" as opposed to being adopted into a loving family abroad, can go suck it. they know NOTHING. They sucked then(pre quake), & they suck now. Don't send them any of YOUR money. They think kids should stay institutionalized and grow up and *help their country* @@. Know any country leaders who grew up in an institution with NO family? Me neither. There is no one perfect answer. But their answer is just plain wrong. They even sucked Anderson Cooper into their web the other night. I can't even go there. I get too pissed off. If you want to read way more knowledgeable blogs about Haiti's situation, there are 3 blogs on my list where you can get the best information: Livesay haiti blog(missionaries in Haiti, went through the quake), rage against the minivan(Kristen Howerton, who went through the quake while visiting her Haitian son and the Livesays) & watching the waters (Corey waters, Mom to many Haitian children)will fill you in the best and show you where your money should be going, if you feel led to help. They say it better than I canand are good at that whole hyper link thing. Every dollar counts. 7$ can feed a kid, so please help.

* Yogi *didn't feel like* taking any photos at the Celtics game he took Jackson to last Sunday. nice. Why doesn't he know it's all about me???

*This wins for most boring post of the year, so far. You're Welcome!


Mothering4Money said...

Happy Birthday to Tim!

97 sounds absolutely lovely. Perfect weather. Pack me in your suitcase!

A post with opinions about Haiti ... never boring.

Get well. And congrats on the weight loss.

Mothering4Money said...

Oh, and forgot to tell you that someone came to my blog by searching for "crawford buttocks". So if you ever go Xrated, you'll have some followers. LMAO

Kristin said...

it's my host dad's birthday today, too! but i don't think we're doing anything. my mom explained why...something having to do with them making payments to my host sister's private high school and therefore not having much money to spend on celebrating? i'm not even sure. haha

Jules said...

I'm so excited for 2010 spring training! Congratulations about your weight loss, you have every reason to brag about that, seriously. :)