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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the pot song

My niece likes to smoke reefer
My niece likes to smoke pot
My niece is gonna smoke it
Whether Auntie likes it, or not
She smokes weed in the morning
She smokes weed late at night
She smokes weed in the daytime
After she & Konor have a fight
She says that pot cures everything
She claims pot soothes her cramps
I say find a Midol
And take it like a champ
My niece claims weed is harmless
A cure for all that ails her
I think reefer masks her symptoms
I think reefer fails her
It covers up her feelings
It takes away her drive
It steals her motivation
Her Confidence
Her pride
It robs her of her of her spirit
It clouds her point of view
She says pot makes her happy
But I don't think that's true
I want so much to push her
To help her see her worth
But what can Auntie do?
She's not my child by birth(or adoption)


Kristin said...

if when i get home
i smell weed in that place,
i'm gonna punch your niece
right in her pretty face.

Mothering4Money said...

How do you keep Mr Sticky Fingers from taking her weed?

Why isn't niece at your sisters?

Some people habitually smoke pot to mask or to deal with The Crazy. Taking a pill means admitting to The Crazy while smoking weed is cool and anti establishment.

Worrying about you! xoxo