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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

our night away!

..was the best. I forgot my camera battery, but they wouldn't have let me in with my huge camera anyway. Yogi took a lousy cell phone pic of shawn's first mom and me, we had to settle for that. She looked beautiful, as always, and every time we get together with her, we learn something new about her life, which I love. I always walk away feeling like I know her better and love her all the more. She ended up leaving the baby with her friend and coming alone, we had the most delicious dinner EVER! She is doing really well, and her deployment has been delayed from March to October, which is easier on everyone. She hated to miss her son's 1st Birthday, which is in mid March, so she's happy with the delay. The plan is for Jake to go to stay with her Mother in Arkansas while she is deployed, but then her Mom's apartment burned down! Everyone is displaced for now, but they had renter's insurance, so they are hoping to be back on track before the deployment. If not, other arrangemnets may need to be made and she asked us if we were willing. Um.. YES! Ya never know....we will just take things as they come our way. I hate to see him go that far, but she is his Grandmother! We are here if he needs us, of course.

Anyway, the show was great, Yogi loved it, as I'd hoped. We were the youngest couple there. I'm talking oxygen tanks, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and the like. I smelled death everywhere! I kept texting funny messages home about the people around us. The Snorers were funny. The best part was knowing we didnt have to rush home afterwards! We drove through the storm back to the hotel, chatted, watched the news on the cool, flat screen, LCD TV and (eventually LOL)slept in the most comfortable bed we'd ever slept in! We woke up early to the noise of snow plows, had an amazing breakfast at the hotel and drove home to some kids who were so happy to see us. Tim & Courtney did a great job with them, Tim got Shawn to sleep at 10 after they watched movies, made cookies and played V Smile. Kendyl crashed on the couch at 9. Jackson did very well and had a good time. No behaviors and was very helpful. They all had a fun party. We are hoping to do this again soon, if all parties are willing, which they say they are :)

more snow coming tomorrow.

Kendyl went to bed prefectly fine Sunday night, then awoke 2 hours later barking like a seal and had a fever. she stayed home sick yesterday, had fever and confusion overnight, but seems a bit better today, we'll see.

I woke up with a cold yesterday too, but no barking. Seems mild so far, hasn't kept me off the treadmill, which I've been on 7 days in a row. I haven't worked out 7 days straight since 2003. I feel very motivated and strong. I hope I can stay feeling this way! i want to lose the first 50lbs. by June. I want a single chin for Christmas. Not asking much! I hang the Do Not Disturb sign (that i took from the hotel) on the bedroom door and just do my thing. the kids have been very good about it! Housemates have been very supportive, so far. Wish me strength! NO illnesses that will slow me down!
Speaking of my fat ass, I better get moving! The treadmill is screaming my name!

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Rose Anne said...

It would have to be screaming and someone would have to be dragging me kicking and screaming to make me get on one....the last time I got on one it threw my right hip joint completely out...
Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!
God Bless,
Rose Anne