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Thursday, December 10, 2009

more jerky turkey

while I was at my painting job today, the school called. again. hmmhhmm. Jackson is on complete shutdown mode, is doing NOTHING, is failing 2 classes(the only 2 that he is in the mainstream for) and is still disrupting classes with his noises, talking rudely under his breath, etc etc etc.... so i told her to let him know he needed to come home on the bus today instead of staying after school to watch the basketball game, since he had so much work to do and needed to study for tomorrow's test on Egypt. I also kept him home from basketball practice tonight. yup, i suck. hes quiet, no arguments. hes just... there. i tried to quiz him for the test. nope. no words. he's not ready. that's ok. he has to make the choice to do better. life is no fun without privileges.

1 comment:

Mothering4Money said...

I would go mad just trying to get through to him. You are a saint.

Way to go on the exercising!

Happy Belated B'day to Doug.

Hope Yogi is still getting better after the fall.