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Saturday, December 5, 2009

tonight :)

we are about to get 5 inches of snow. at about 430 we are headed to MA to see Bill Cosby, then sleep at the hotel nearby. we won a 3 course dinner for 2, overnight stay and breakfast at the Marriot! HEAVEN. i better get on my treadmill and put some time in, since i may eat yummies tonight :)
itll be hard on shawn, we havent ever BOTH been gone overnight since he was born. he can sleep with Courtney and I think he'll do ok. we'll come right home after breakfast anyway, so if its a horror show, Court can go back to be when we get home, and then head to work at Target.
Shawn's birthmom lives right near the hotel, so we invited her to our romantic dinner lol along with her 9 month old baby boy, Jake. She has a great life now, it's so nice to see. Shawn's baby brother is finally starting to look like him more, now that he's finally growing some hair(shawn had soo much at his age!). hes waaaay darker than Shawn Alan, and has different lips, but they share their Mother's GORGEOUS dimples, eyes and smile. I havent seen them since August, so I'm excited.
woohoo! have a great weekend!


Rose Anne said...

Enjoy your alone time girl you decive it...
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Mothering4Money said...

Girl, you can't even go on a date without inviting people along. LOL Hope y'all had a nice time. Post pics of the snow. We only got a light dusting.