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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ava's Birthday party was at a pottery place called "time to clay!" i dont even know what Kendyl chose to make, too busy with Shawn, but i got a few pictures. Kendyl is right in front of the helper girl in this one. oops.
kristin did her hair. cute!

2nd party was at a bouncy house place. shawn LOVES CAKE.

my kids arent in this picture, i just like how it came out LOL


i love his lips and eyes


group shot. Birthday girl in center, Kendyl to far right, jack in the background

they hung out here mostly!

video games in the lobby

watching the safety video before going in, birthday girl next to ken ken. she was turning 4, not 5, so kendyl is the oldest one here, except for the pretty brown girl in pink(teachers daughter)

epic fail, as Kristin would say. i never blog anymore. between my workout schedule(down 14 lbs!), the shopping, making Christmas chocolates(done!), basketball season, 3 Birthday parties to shop for and attend with Kendyl, my part time work, Kris coming home, the upkeep, husband's extra curricular activities(not the Tiger Woods kind) and the weather we keep getting slammed with...oh, i also have a raging cold. YAY! it's hard to make time to blog. December is tough around here. we don't even have a tree yet. too busy! we will get it today, decorate it tomorrow night maybe.. its our anniversary tomorrow, so we may go out for a quick dinner ALONE, if the stars line up right. Jackson goes to Boston to see his doctors tomorrow morning too. They have some gifts for him, so i hate to postpone it, i'd like to sneak them under the tree. As far as shopping goes, there isn't much. i may go get Wii for the family, we've never had a video game system before, this one actually intrigues me. I think it's expensive. Court says its on sale this weekend at Target, so I may go look, if i can get away ALONE. its hard to shop for toys with a kid in the cart! i hate to just buy toys, they have enough. i'd rather spend what we have on some things for the whole family.
all the kids are doing fine, not much to report. jackson has had some "brain cramp" infractions, but nothing serious. good week overall, cant complain.
my head is pounding, i'm gonna close here for now. love you all!
oh, wait: Uncle Tim says I have to tell you that The Dallas Cowboys beat the (undefeated)New Orleans Saints last night. He is all giddy. its actually kinda cute. gag LOL

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Mike and Katie said...

No, no! You are a bloggy overachiever, for sure! Especially compared to my blogging and picture taking lately. The kids are cute and doing fun things but it's always too much work to get up and go get the camera. So I just enjoy them and will share them with the rest of the word some day.

Have a great Christmas!