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Sunday, September 27, 2009

while i was away....RAD BE GONE!

When i mentioned that Jackson pukes when he sees cops Jackson's fear of the police last night, it reminded me of an incident that occured the day i left for Michigan. Yogi handled it really well, i was so proud of him. It's so hard to know what to do at all times, why does parenting have to require so many split second decisions??
so anyhow, Jackson went to play with Christian and all was well, or so Yogi thought. then Christian's Mom called and told him that the police had just called her at work. They were camped outside her door trying to get Christian to come out, but he was hiding & Jack was with him. She told Yogi she could NOT leave work and wanted him to call the police and see what the problem was, as the officer she talked to refused to fill her in. Yogi called the station and the dispatcher connected him to the officer at the scene, who thankfully was one who knows Jackson and is aware of his fears(Thanks, GOD!)He quickly told Yogi that he was being very respectful and was trying not to frighten the kids, but he really needed Chris to come out. Yogi put the kids in the truck and drove 3 streets over there to help get the kids to come out. As he approached the house Jackson came running out LOL. The officer told them they were free to go, and proceeded to scare the poop out of my son by waving to him made an honest and admirable attempt to exchange pleasantries and high fives with Jackson. On the ride home, Yogi told Jackson he wasn't in any trouble. He said "i know you're really scared right now and that you didn't know what to do." Jack was nervous but calm enough, and asked Dad what Christian had done- Dad had no idea and thought Jackson knew! we still don't know and it's been a week. We assume hes grounded for life. We also don't think this kid is one who Jack needs to be hanging around with. OY.


Jeri said...

Though we don't wish the sucky existence that can come at times with RAD, isn't it nice to every once in awhile have it NOT be YOUR kid that's in trouble?!

Jeri said...

Okay, brain fart, I meant to say we don't wish the sucky existence that can come at times with RAD ON OTHER PEOPLE....